Some Best Movies To Watch On Putlocker In October 2021

Some Best Movies To Watch On Putlocker In October 2021

Interstellar, 2014

Still, in addition to space adventures and tangled time loops, this is also a movie about real family values and fatherly love that crosses distance in both time and space. “We are here to be the memories of our children,” says Cooper’s protagonist Matthew McConaughey, and those memories should be the most pleasant ones.

Lefty, 2015

What do you do when in one moment you lose everything: your championship title, the love of your life…and even your child? Hold the blow of fate and do whatever it takes to make your daughter believe in you again. Among the pluses of the film is definitely the cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, who doesn’t look like the kid-student from “The Day After Tomorrow”, the stunning Rachel McAdams, this year’s Oscar nominee, though for “Spotlight”, and, of course, Forest Whitaker, “the last king of Scotland”.

Holiday Affair, 1949

Sweet melodrama about a chance encounter between a woman and a man in a children’s toy store. Connie, raising her own son and working as a mystery shopper, buys a toy train from Steve, supposedly for her son. Steve is almost two meters tall and handsome as a god, but he only works as a salesman and is unusually poor. Despite Connie’s fiancé, he throws himself into the fight for her love. And he acts for certain: he enlists the support of a child who hates her former suitor.

White Christmas 1954

After the end of World War II, two former conscripts, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, decide to become the best singing dance duo in America. Gradually their duo becomes a quartet thanks to sisters Betty and Judy, and they have to perform on Christmas Eve in support of a ski vacation home run by their former commander, retired General Waverly. Gorgeous numbers and performances, great music, love and a happy ending – what more do you need on the eve of the winter holidays?

The Apartment, 1960.

Five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. A touching story of foolish, blind love and wise, sincere love. C.C. Baxter, a young employee, is forced to succumb to circumstances and succumb periodically to his bosses. This man simply cannot say no, so absolutely everyone sits on his neck. At the same time Baxter sometimes talks in the elevator with a nice girl Fran, not even knowing how life will intertwine their fates. It is interesting that Marilyn Monroe wanted to play the leading role, but in the end it went to Shirley MacLaine.

The Tree of Life 2010

The story of 11-year-old Jack, one of three brothers, who observes his mother’s actions. She represents love and mercy while his father tries to teach his son that in the real world he should always put himself first. Each parent tries to get Jack on his side and he must reconcile himself to their pretensions. “The Tree” can hardly be called a feature film. No, it has superb acting by both Jessica Chastain and Brad Pitt, but the main thing here is the visuals. It’s a real painterly canvas.

The Artist 2011

“The Artist” is a gorgeous playful melodrama, witty and stylish movie. Performed with a silent film aesthetic, it’s filled with a cinematic magic that won’t let go for an instant. A case where a silent black-and-white love story is many times better than any audio one.

Life of Pi, 2012.

This is the story of the son of an Indian zoo owner, a boy named Pi. As fate would have it, his family is forced to emigrate. Halfway between India and Canada, a ship wrecks and Pi is left in a dinghy with a Bengal tiger, a hyena, a zebra and an orangutan. Considering how the movie was actually filmed, you could give a standing ovation to the special effects team and the lead actor for managing to convey an entire palette of emotions while playing a partner who was not a tiger…but a blue cushion! And we’re sure that apart from the story itself, you’ll remember the stunningly beautiful episode with the night ocean.

The Great Gatsby, 2013

You’re hardly surprised to see this film here. Firstly, the stunningly beautiful era, secondly, definitely the costumes, well, thirdly, Leonardo DiCaprio, who so many wanted to see with an Oscar in his hands after the premiere. And what about the parties thrown by the main character? If you’re not impressed with the plot, you’ll love the entourage. If the scenery doesn’t appeal either, the music will. And if the music is not to your liking, the acting will please. Baz Luhrmann’s work has something for everyone.

Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013

A film breathtaking in its aesthetics and beauty. The story is about two vampires: he is a rocker from Detroit, wants quiet, peace, and quietly hates people; she, on the contrary, is a cheerful vampire who tries to keep up with the times. The film originally had action, but when director Jim Jarmusch was asked to add more such scenes, he responded by removing all the action scenes that were there. The result is a musical intellectual, sensual drama.

You can watch all of these films for free on Putlocker.

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