Little Fish Review

Little Fish (2021) – Movie Review

The basic synopsis for this film is about a couple who are fighting to hold on to their relationship as this memory loss virus spreads throughout the world. 

This film hits very hard at times, the two leads of the film are Jack O’Connell. He plays a character called Jude and then Olivia Cook who plays a character called Emma and these are the characters two lead characters.

They just had absolutely amazing chemistry on screen and you really could buy into and also invest into their relationship as it unfolds on the screen. This film is one of those films in the first wave of new films that are sort of associated with the global pandemic and what’s been happening with covid19. 

We had Songbird released recently, we’ve also had Lockdown and although this is not directly into equivalency but it is about a virus and a pandemic that is across the world and affecting many different people. 

There is a sort of global threat throughout this film, it feels a lot more scary because we are seeing it just through the perspective of this couple and it makes everything feel a lot more impactful because we have got a connection and a start to these characters. 

We’re seeing a global scale event where people are dying but we don’t really care if it doesn’t really affect us. We are buying into these characters and all the consequences feel a lot more impactful throughout this film. 

The virus in this film is a virus that takes away your memory. One can sometimes forget what you’re doing or you forget who you are or you forget what’s happened in your life and that is really tragic and that was really well portrayed throughout this film.


We have seen this idea play out and these sort of romance forms in the past where one of the people loses their memory and it’s hard to remember who they are and it affects the relationship.

When this idea first started to play out in the film but we thought the film is just so deep and it’s got this maturity about it. The idea was sort of borrowed or kind of tied into other forms of this nature. It did still feel extremely original in regards to the film. 

It really did have an impactful response. Olivia Cook and Jackie Connor were also absolutely amazing on screen. They really did good with their chemistry and their performances and that’s what makes the film so impactful as well.

Final Words

The cinematography throughout this film is stunning. Cinematography is able to capture those really personal and intimate moments really well. This movie is really intense and has uncomfortable moments too and that worked really well in this movie.

Also, the score is just this beautiful throughout the film and it did really bring a lot to the movie as well. This film also does have a little bit of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind feel. 

The film is enjoyable and will definitely hit you harder as it gets extremely emotional at parts.  It was a pleasant surprise because it did just leave us emotionally moved. So it is highly recommended for watching this film. It’s a really solid form and it’s only elevated with what’s been going on in the world over this last year.

It’s an original movie with really great performances and great cinematography and great score so we highly recommend you guys check it out. We are giving this film a 3.5 out of five. It is definitely closer to a four than a three.

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