Missing Elements in Dragon Ball Super

Missing Element in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball is a big name in the anime industry. People usually start their anime journey after watching Dragon Ball. It was also my first anime and I really liked it. Dragon Ball was great and Dragon Ball Z was even better. 

Dragon Ball Z was full of iconic moments like Goku turning into a Super Saiyan the first time. Gohan unleashing his powers, the sacrifice of Vegeta, and the final battle with Buu. Dragon Ball Super is the most awaited sequel of the franchise. The anime is over for now and the manga is running. The Anime will soon return with a new arc.

But what is the missing element in Dragon Ball Super? In this article, we will be talking about why Dragon Ball Super is not that great and what are the elements that are missing from the anime

Missing Elements in Dragon Ball Super

  1. The biggest missing element in Dragon Ball Super is the stakes. Dragon Ball Z was special. The fighters achieved great powers because of the pain they endure, the death of their loved ones, and the pure mean villains. Krillin was killed by Frieza in the DBZ series. The death was quite painful for fans and Goku achieved the level of Pure Super Saiyan. The emotions played the role in his transformation. No character was safe. Nappa single-handedly killed most of the Dragon Ball Characters. This was the most important element that made the franchise of Dragon Ball special. But Super is just the opposite. There are literally no stakes. Every character has some kind of Plot armor, there is no blood and tragedy. The concept of Super Saiyan is now achieved by a tingling sensation. The tournament of power was useless. I hope when the anime returns back they change the pace of the show. They need to bring the stakes back. The main character must be killed.
  2. Akira only focuses on Goku. I know this show is all about Goku and his journey but the plot is getting repetitive. Dragon Ball Super must give some screen time and chances to Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Picollo. These characters had the most potential in the DBZ series. But now they are ignored and even nerfed. Vegeta gets decent screentime but always gets foreshadowed by Goku. Akira must work on the power scale of all Dragon Ball characters. 
  3. Boring Arcs. The arcs are pretty much useless. The recent Moro arc in the manga was similar to Cell Saga. The tournament of power arc had potential but the ending was too predictable. Goku black could be the best arc of the show but Zeno ruined the entire arc for me. Akira needs to change the style and direction of the arcs. Animes are evolving and the audience expects dark and unexpected twists. Dragon Ball super needs to change its style and start producing some creative new arcs with modern animation style and trends.
  4. The animation of Dragon Ball could be better. We are living in 2021 and witness great animations in animes like Attack on Titan, Jujutsu, and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Dragon ball needs to change its animation style. The animation style is really important to set the vibe of the show. They have the budget they can achieve greatness in animation style.
  5. Introduced strong and serious characters like Beerus (God of Destruction) and made them a joke. This was the biggest mistake Akira did. They introduced such a strong character and now he is a joke. He might still be the most powerful character on the show but I hate his constantly nagging, his hunger, and his laziness. 

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Dragon Ball Super will be returning soon and I hope they implement these changes. I know what the creators of Dragon Ball are aiming for. Their targeted audience is mostly kids and for them, they need to tone down the violent aspect and roughness of the show. But the OG fans of the show made this franchise popular. So I hope Akira brings back the level of craziness that Dragon Ball Z provided us.

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