We are one of the biggest websites to watch and download movies and tv shows. Putlocker was founded in 2011 and originated in the United Kingdom. We became very popular, in very little time it started receiving millions of users on a regular basis.

Alexa listed Putlocker in the top 250 most popular websites around the world wide web. Due to its popularity, the Motion Pictures Association of America reported the website as a major piracy threat.


It was founded in 2011, and in 2012 received 8,00,000 approximate users daily. Putlocker was not the only website that was promoting piracy, Mega upload was also a pirated website.

But due to copyright infringement, the mega upload website was shut down by the government. Due to this reason, Putlocker became the most demanding website and it started receiving 1.5 million users per day.

Alfred Perry, the vice president of worldwide content protection at paramount pictures, in 2012 observed the website. The website was considered as one of the most dangerous websites to ever exist on the internet. 

The website URL changed to putlocker.bz and this website was blocked by the crime unit of the United Kingdom in June 2014 and after some time, the website was found by a new name which is putlocker.is. It had some problems in the beginning phases, but it came back after some time. 

It appeared in the list of top 250 websites worldwide and appeared in top 150 websites in the USA according to alexa.com

After the website was banned it came up with a new domain name putlocker9.com. The domain keeps on changing its domain name due to ban and copyright issues.

Currently, no one knows that the domain is active or not. Although many proxies and different domains exist, claiming that they are the original ones. Currently, this domain has over 50 proxies and mirrors on the internet. 

Other than this there are some alternatives of putlocker also available like Fmovies and Filmy4wap. These sites also provide movies and TV shows for free. These also provide the sources which give you the content that you wanted or this too for free.


The official Domain of Putlocker was Putlocker.com. This was the original domain which was banned by the Motion Pictures Association of America


Putlocker website is a platform where a user can watch and download tv shows and movies with a simple process. It has a great collection of old movies, it adds to the content value and is perfect for every type of viewer. A user can also upload and download any type of visual content from Putlocker.

Our website respects the hard work of Actors, directors, and producers. We Respect the guidelines of DMCA. Our website does not promote or provide any pirated content. Our website is just made for information. You will not find any pirated movie or TV Show on this website. This website is just a Dummy Website. If you want to watch your favorite Movies and TV Shows, then Websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are the best platforms. Kindly subscribe to these websites.


There are so many free websites that provide free movies and tv shows and that too legally as everyone loves movies and nothing beats free movies. We bring to you a list of different websites with different collections of free tv shows and movies. The amazing part is all of these websites are totally legal, unlike Putlocker. So you don’t have to feel guilty about watching something for free.

  1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a website, which is doing really well in India. It is a Hindi entertainment website, which is owned and managed by star India Network. You can access this website easily in India. But if you are outside India, then you have to use a high-quality virtual private Network in order to access this website. Purchasing a Hotstar subscription is much better than watching movies at Putlocker.

This website has a very big collection of free movies and TV shows. The website also provides facilities like live TV, comedy and news and you can also watch movies in other languages such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu. Bengali Etc.

You can download this application through the Play Store or Apple App Store decently. This website has merged with Disney plus and is now providing Disney content in its app. The user interface is very cleaned and well designed.

  1. Retro vision

This is made for Content lovers. It is a very big and great collection of amazing classical movies and TV shows. 

This website has a genre-specific menu. The menu makes the website very simple and easy to navigate. You can access this website from anywhere in the world. 

You cannot download movies from this website. It also has an Application called classic UHF, if you love watching classic movies or TV shows we recommend you to visit this website for once.

  1. PopcornFlix

The website has got plenty of wonderful movies and TV shows. The website genre includes action, drama, comedy, romance Etc. This website covers almost every genre. This website is flooded with commercials. You have to avoid the commercials if you want to enjoy your experience. We recommend that you should use an ad blocker.

The website is owned by Screen Media Ventures. When the website was launched it was available for the USA and Canada. After some time it got launched in 36 countries. If the content of the website is not available in your country. You can watch it with the help of a virtual private network. 

You can download this application through the Play Store or Apple’s App Store. This is a must-watch web site if you want to have a great experience.

  1. Crackle

This web site is owned and managed by Sony. You can watch some great TV shows and movies. The collection of movies make crackle one of the best free legal movie streaming sites on the internet.

Although you have to watch some advertisements before starting your movie. If you are willing to go through that then you are good to go. 

Availability – Currently, crackle Works only in the United States of America, but you can access this website by using any good and safe VPN. 

You can only Stream and watch movies On this website. You cannot download any movies. 

Crackle has one of the best original series to ever exist in the entertainment world. Also, it produces many TV shows and movies that are its own original. You can download this app from the Play store or even Apple App Store. 

  1. Pluto TV

As the name suggests this website is like television. They have the interface of a TV and here you can also stream some programs. Although you cannot download the content. The website has a very impressive collection of movies.

Pluto TV has more than 60 plus TV channels and it’s catalog shows different content like comedy thriller drama and documentary.

Pluto TV works only in the United States of America, but you can also access this website using a high-quality VPN or download the app from the play store or app store. It is available on almost all major platforms. 

The website is very smooth and all over experience is very great and the overall experience in streaming quality of this website is better than Putlocker.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular platform for videos and TV shows. You don’t know that there are so many ways to watch TV shows or movies for free on YouTube. The simplest way is to navigate directly through the movie section and search for your favorite movie. 

This section is only available in the USA. You can also watch movies for free on YouTube on some channels that offer them. You just have to search for them. YouTube is a very popular app. Although if you don’t have this app, you can download it easily from the Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

A User can download some videos that are allowed. You can also buy the YouTube premium, which will enhance your experience. One can save many videos offline and you will not be flooded by advertisements. It is much better than Putlocker.

If you want to go an easy way. Then you can download MP3 or MP4 videos with some tools. YouTube to MP3 offers free downloading experience it converts YouTube video to MP3 format and MP4 format.

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