Underrated shows you can watch in February 2021

I have watched nearly every sitcom and was still craving for more shows. By researching on the internet, I have found two new shoes that have really impressed me. These two shows are unique and the comedy is just excellent. These shows are pretty under the radar. 

We will be making the list of the most underrated shows that we have stumbled upon so that you stay updated with the world of entertainment. 

Underrated shows of this week

  1. Rick and Morty 
Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is the perfect product of Adult Swim. Rick and Morty focus on the adventures of Morty and his genius grandfather Rick. Rick is a genius old man but not so good with his family while Morty is an average teenage boy, who is really awkward and behaves weirdly. He has his moments but most of the time he remains awkward. Jerry is the dad of Morty. Jerry is a dumb average middle-aged husband. Everyone ignores him due to his dumbness and generic nature. Rick often Bullies him. These are some of the most iconic characters of the show. 

The best thing about this show is that the comedy is dark and fresh. This show often breaks the third wall of the entertainment world. It currently has 4 seasons and the 5 th one will be arriving really soon. You can watch this show on Netflix and Amazon in some countries. If you want to watch this show for free then you can watch it on Putlocker. 

  1. Nathan For you
Nathan For you

I have been looking for funny shows and stumbled upon a very underrated show. It might be famous but I have never heard of that show before. The show that I am talking about is Nathan for you.

Nathan for you is a super-underrated and smart show that you can watch this weekend. 

The director and the lead actor of this show is Nathan Fielder. Nathan has a marketing degree. Every episode is a series of his schemes. He consults struggling business owners and makes some plans that can improve their business. Most of his plans are really simple and cringe. The ideas are weird and cringe but can make you laugh. Nathan is a weird guy but most of us can relate to him. He is a product of a management school and his behavior is like every management student.

It currently has 4 seasons and a total of 32 episodes, You can watch this show on Voot Premium and Putlocker.

Watch these two shows right now and I am sure you will like them and recommend them to your friends. Also, tell us about your favorite tv shows that you have watched this week. 

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