Must-Watch Netflix Action And Drama Movies Ever Made

Netflix Action And Drama Movies
Must-Watch Netflix Action And Drama Movies Ever Made
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At the dawn of the second decade of the 21st century, Tom Dey directs a comedy starring a wonderful white Great Dane, whom everyone—adults and animals—makes fun of for his clumsiness. Despite this, Samson does not lose his enthusiasm and is always ready to conquer those who are willing to watch him. Accompanied by his faithful cat friend Carlos, the Great Dane goes from being the star of the neighborhood to undergoing several punishments inflicted on him by his owner Phil. And it is precisely for this reason that he decides to run away from everyone.

Lee Pace, Judy Greer, William H. Macy, and Caroline Sunshine are the live performers on screen. The cast of voice actors, on the other hand, is colored by the voices of Owen Wilson, Fergie, George Lopez, Kiefer Sutherland, Emma Stone, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Sam Elliott, and David Walliams. What is striking is the soundtrack, which boasts the signature of the likes of Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ke $ ha, and P! Nk. Tricolor quote for the presence of the Tenores di Bitti, Sardinian pride known all over the world. 

Forever Cheerleader

A young woman who wakes up from a coma after about fifteen years is the protagonist of the new Netflix comedy, which makes this film one of its original products. A story of redemption, seen through the point of view of a girl full of life and dreams, who does not allow herself to be defeated by anything, not even by her death. Stubborn to become prom queen and take back everything she is rightfully hers, she leaves new and old friends in disbelief and amazement. 

Alex Hardcastle is directing, while the screenplay was written by Brandon Scott Jones, Andrew Knauer, and Arthur Pielli. The cast instead sees an iconic Rebel Wilson in the title role, flanked by Alicia Silverstone, Angourie Rice, Zoe Chao, Mary Holland, Justin Hartley, Sam Richardson, Brandon Scott Jones, Chris Parnell, Michael Cimino, and Jeremy Ray Taylor. Available from May 2022, it can safely apply as one of the most interesting novelties for the young audience. 

In the Bubble

Director and screenwriter Judd Apatow returns, with the complicity of Netflix, in his capacity as the king of satire. After the cult film Knocked Up and a Girl Disaster, the topic targeted by the screenwriter has been the most talked about and feared for two years now: COVID-19. The metacinematographic film tells the story of the very difficult attempts by a crew to make a film, precisely because of the problems linked to the global pandemic. A very strong protest demonstration and a signal from the whole entertainment world that has been bent by the virus are the basis of this work. 

The cast stars Karen Gillan, David Duchovny, Pedro Pascal, Keegan-Michael Key, Kate McKinnon, Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann, and her daughter Iris Apatow. Furthermore, there are many unexpected cameos that will leave the spectators stunned. A film that promises to be the progenitor of a long series on this subject that is still so hot after two years. 

Hot Pursuit 

After her debut behind the camera in 2006 with the iconic Step Up, Anne Fletcher tries her hand after almost ten years in the direction of an all-female comedy with Hot Pursuit. The protagonist is a policewoman from the San Antonio district, Rose Cooper, who is invested in a very secret mission: to protect the wife of an important deputy, Felipe Riva. This is how the two become friendly enemies, with their opposite characters but common missions in life. In fact, it is only thanks to many unexpected misadventures that the two will finally be able to bond. 

Undoubtedly the protagonists are Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara; the first also as a producer and the second star of Modern Family. Together with them are also Robert Kazinsky, Matthew Del Negro, Michael Mosley, Richard T. Jones, Jim Gaffigan, Mike Birbiglia, Vincent Laresca, and Evaluna Montaner. Netflix offers it on its platform exactly seven years after its cinematic debut. 

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