The Best & Highest-Rated Drama Movies on Amazon Prime

The Best & Highest-Rated Drama Movies on Amazon Prime
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Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood (2004) 

Frankie Dunn is a tough boxing coach who suffers from the estrangement of his daughter but meeting a young and talented girl, Maggie Fitzgerald, will change his life. Maggie is determined to become a boxer and asks Frankie to train her. After several no’s of her, Frankie finally decides to take her under her wing, transforming the young promise into a combat athlete. 

A must-see movie on Amazon Prime Video is Million Dollar Baby, a painful metaphor about existence, packed with classic style and the unmistakable look of Clint Eastwood. In the first part, some exchanges – especially between Eastwood and Morgan Freeman, both sensational – bring the film closer to comic tones, which become dramatic, bitter, and painful in the second half. Extraordinary Hillary Swank. Million Dollar Baby has won four Academy Awards: Best Picture, Direction, Lead Actress in Swank, and Supporting Actor in Freeman. 

Funny Games

Michael Haneke (2007) 

In this case, Amazon Prime Video gives us a film to see absolutely or a gem of the great contemporary filmmaker Michael Haneke. Funny Games is a 2007 film, which is a shot-for-shot remake of the film of the same name directed in 1997 by the same director. The actors change, as does the language because Haneke himself declared that the original film didn’t get the media coverage he deserved. In the American version, we find Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, and Micheal Pitt as big names in the cast. 

The plot is as follows: a couple is taken hostage by two sadistic boys who will force the two to “play” with them. The American version only went through with the absolute certainty that Watts accepted the lead role. Tim Roth said he had one of the worst experiences on the set, not for the quality of the shooting but for what he had to do, for the wickedness that was described in the film. 

Revolutionary Road

Sam Mendes (2009) 

Based on Richard Yates’ novel of the same name, Revolutionary Road is the story of Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) and April (Kate Winslet), apparently the portrait of the perfect 1950s couple. The reality, however, is very different from appearances: April is a deeply dissatisfied woman and Frank is a man frustrated by his private and professional life. As the situation becomes increasingly critical, April proposes to Frank that they finally realize their dream of moving to Paris to start over. At first, Frank seems to want to comply with his wife’s wish but then gives in to the offer of promotion while April, increasingly tried, can no longer see a possible solution. 

Revolutionary Road is the story of a marriage, or rather, the dissection of a bond, the analysis of the crisis of a couple mirroring the same condition of the individual in society. Kate Winslet is extraordinary in bringing April to the stage with all her pain; equally significant is DiCaprio’s performance in dealing with a difficult character. Behind the camera is Sam Mendes, and in the cast, alongside the leading actors, there are also Michael Shannon, Kathy Bates, and Kathryn Hahn. 


Bong Joon-ho (2009)

Do-Joon is a mentally challenged boy who lives with his mother Hye-Ja. One day, the body of a brutally murdered girl is found prominently on the terrace of a house. It is Do-Joon himself who is accused of the brutal murder, but Hye-Ja refuses to accept this truth. When she realizes that neither the lawyers nor the police themselves intend to do anything, she decides to work alone to exonerate her son by revealing the real culprit of the murder.

Mother, directed by Bong Joon-ho is not just the story of a woman willing to do anything to save her son. It is an investigative thriller dotted with elements that disorient the viewer, just like the characters themselves, masterfully outlined and each with their own dark sides. There is no lack of reflection – typical in Bong Joon-ho’s cinema – on South Korean society and its contradictions.

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