The Best Netflix Drama Movies To Stream Now

The Best Netflix Drama Movies To Stream Now
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Jeremiah Zagar directs a sports drama highly anticipated by film buffs and basketball fans around the world. The plot revolves around a talent scout, who is willing to do anything to see a great talent shine. A talent that nevertheless has a dark past and is full of edges behind it, which will compromise him socially and psychologically. The two will therefore work very hard to prove to the NBA that they are ready to fight for their favorite sport. A sports drama produced by none other than the absolute boss of basketball, LeBron James.

The cast sees in the role of the talent scout an increasingly multifaceted Adam Sandler, who along with James is also the producer of the film. Accompanying him in this new adventure is, among others, the beloved Queen Latifah. Together with them also Ben Foster, Robert Duvall, Marcus Delpeche, Malcolm Delpeche, Kenny Smith, Kyle Lowry, and Silas Graham. Happy Madison Productions, SpringHill Entertainment, and Roth / Kirschenbaum Films are the production companies that have endorsed the film.


Chris Hemsworth, this time as a producer, is making an action-packed drama with Netflix. The protagonist is JJ Collins, the captain of a base on the Pacific that manages very dangerous nuclear missiles. Once it has evolved the location of external attacks, the base will therefore the brave captain will protect and defend, who will have to avoid fatal outcomes for the entire globe. The risk is that of the mass destruction of entire territories and populations.

Director Matthew Reilly, the difficult role of the protagonist was entrusted to Elsa Pataky, wife of Hemsworth, with whom she trained hard to prepare for the role. Also present with her are Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane, Mayen Mehta, Rhys Muldoon, Belinda Jombwe, Marcus Johnson, Colin Friels, and Zoe Carides. Netflix once again focuses on young talents and on stories that captivate the public, full of twists, and with reasonably bad protagonists written very well.

Hardboiled Egg

Fourth film for the director and screenwriter Paolo Virzì, dating back to the now-distant 1997. Author of films that have entered the collective imagination such as La Gazza Gioia, All life in front, and La prima Cosa Bella, here he tells the story of Piero, a teenager at dealt with several dramatic conditions such as the death of his mother and the arrest of his father, in addition to other love and personal adversities. His life, however, changes after meeting Tommaso, a boy from a good family but with a rebellious soul.

The cast, almost unknown at the time, includes Edoardo Gabbriellini, Claudia Pandolfi, Marco Cocci, Nicoletta Braschi, Pietro Fornaciari, Paolo Ruffini, Daniela Morozzi, Lily Tirinnanzi, Regina Orioli, Barbara Scoppa. Written by Francesco Bruni, Paolo Virzi, and Furio Scarpelli, the film is produced by the Cecchi Gori group. Two David di Donatello out of a total of six nominations. Four nominations also for the Silver Ribbons, as well as two awards won in Venice and a golden clapperboard.


Phillip Noyce, director of The Bone Collector and Under the Sign of Danger, directed a very high-level action spy film in 2010. The protagonist is Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent locked up in a Korean prison. Once free of her, she becomes entangled in a plot that jeopardizes her profession and personal relationships. In fact, the spy has been charged with spying in favor of the Soviet secret services, a serious offense. With the help of her precious companion Mike Krause, she will seek justice, never forgetting her honor.

A stunning Angelina Jolie plays the protagonist, flanked by Liev Schreiber, Daniel Olbrychski, August Diehl, Corey Stoll, Andre Braugher, Olek Krupa, and the late Chiwetel Ejiofor. Written by Kurt Wimmer, it received an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound. Given the director’s strong dedication to the project and Jolie’s demonstrated readiness to reprise her role as Evelyn Salt.

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