5 Best Korean Movies of All Time

5 Best Korean Movies of All Time
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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring

2003 / Drama / Germany, South Korea

The most popular film by Kim Ki-duk in Russia, after him it can already be considered his people’s director. The thing is that his other paintings are a test of nerves for strength, but this one could go with a girl and know what she would definitely like. And the girls were delighted. Amazing scenery, Buddhist flavor, beautiful and melancholic story with a minimum of violence turned this film into an absolute hit that should not be missed.


2011 / Documentary, Drama / South Korea

But this film, the most experimental, the most personal and the most hooligan of Kim Ki-duk, the audience chose not to notice. Maybe the whole point is that he appeared at the pirates earlier than at the box office. But it’s more likely that watching Kim Ki Duk playing a depressed self was somehow unsettling. No one warned the viewer that this was mockumentary.


2012 / Drama, Crime

If “The Island” was Kim Ki-duk’s most controversial film, then “Pieta” is the most titled. Golden Lion in Venice. Crowds of fans and shocked journalists filmed Kim Ki-duk on the red carpet, who appeared there almost in rags and showed disdain for both the pretentious film party and all the prizes that only exist in the world. And professionals wondered how, with a budget of less than 100 thousand dollars, you can create such a perfect film.


2003 / Thriller, Mystery, Drama / South Korea

One of the most popular Korean films ever. The whole world watched it, and Spike Lee even made an American remake of Oldboy, which, however, remained in the shadow of the original. Although one can still argue about originality: the plot is a development of the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”, but Pak Chan-wook (or Chan-wook, as they say now) added so many bright (and cruel) details to this story that it sparkled with new colors .

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