Must-Watch Scariest Films That Will Keep You Up at Night

Must-Watch Scariest Films That Will Keep You Up at Night
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The Birds


Again Hitchcock, the master of mystery, with one of his best-known films, is based on a 1953 story of the same name. The cast does not include already established actors to contain the already high costs of the film, given the costs of the special effects shots, about 400 were “tampered” with special effects). The birds featured in the film have been wisely trained for the movements to be performed, even if in some cases it was necessary to build some mechanics or resort to animation. Probably Alfred Hitchcock’s most abstract and ambiguous title.

The rich and famous Melanie Daniels is suddenly attacked by a seagull which injures her head. This is actually only the first of a series of disturbing and inexplicable attacks by the birds, increasingly angry and ferocious, against the population. The birds seem to have united against man.

Night of the Living Dead


Written, directed, edited, and scored by George Romero, the undisputed master of the genre, the film is a cult of the horror genre and above all zombie movies. The film is the first of a tetralogy and two remakes were also made from it. Many saw in Romero’s horror product links to the war, particularly the one in Vietnam, and to racism.

A probe returning from the planet Venus has accidentally sent radiation to the earth which has strange effects. In a small town in Pennsylvania, the dead are resurrected with a thirst for blood and human flesh. Terror is rampant in the city and in the countryside. While some boys take refuge in a farmhouse in search of a solution against the zombies roaming the streets. The problem is that whoever is hit by the undead becomes one of them. Equally bloodthirsty.

Rosemary’s Baby


Based on the novel of the same name by Ira Levin. It is considered the most authoritative work of Polish director Roman Polanski. For this reason, we include it among the best horror films to see. The product skilfully mixes multiple sub-genres of horror creating a mix of tension characterized by incredible acting performances.

Guy and Rosemary are a young couple who decide to move into an apartment in New York. An elderly married couple lives in the building and slowly becomes part of their daily lives. However, the two have strange attitudes and Rosemary has strange sensations, linked above all to dreams in which she glimpses. At a party, a monstrous being possessed her after she was handed over to him by her own husband and the couple. Various visions and many anomalous events in the girl’s days destabilize her, especially when important news arrives in her life. Rosemary is pregnant with her. Pregnancy will bring more stability but will bring back strange sensations.

The Exorcist


The film directed by William Friedkin, based on the novel by WP Blatty  (who wrote the screenplay), managed to have incredible success over the years, despite the problems related to censorship. The reaction of critics was also very positive, defining it as one of the must-see horror films.

In an archaeological site, a statuette depicting the demon Pazuzu was found. The twelve-year-old Regan is in Washington for the shooting of a film that sees her mother among the actresses and in the house where they live she finds an ouija board and playing with it she evokes the demon Pazuzu. It manages to deceive her with subterfuge. The little girl is frightened by her bed one night, claiming that it moves. Subsequently, at a party, Regan begins to show signs of imbalance, which lead her mother to undergo medical examinations, but the girl continues to deteriorate and a series of events, including a murder, bring suspicion towards the child. His mother is then advised to resort to an exorcism, and Father Karras is called.

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