Modern Romantic Comedies That Are Entirely Sufferable

Modern Romantic Comedies That Are Entirely Sufferable
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Romeo + Juliet


Who among us does not know the story of Romeo and Juliet? Who among us does not remember the famous balcony scene or the setting in beautiful Verona? Baz Luhrmann takes all these elements of our literary imagination and disrupts them. Making a new adaptation of Shakespeare’s work unlike anything seen before. We are in Verona Beach (actually a modern Los Angeles): Romeo Montecchi ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) and Giulietta Capuleti (Claire Danes) fall in love. Defying the mutual hatred of their respective families which often upsets the balance of the city.

We know the rest of the story well, from the secret marriage to Romeo’s exile, from her fake death to the real death of both. However, baz Luhrmann leaves the words of the Shakespearean text intact. But adapts the story to its frantic pace and its cinematic triumph of sound and color. All are inserted in a modern setting, between TV news, car chases, guns, and even racism. A brilliant reinterpretation of the most famous and tragic love story. Where tender romance and Shakespearean poetry are not lost. For unconventional romantics.

One Boy, Three Girls


Released in Italy with an almost teen-movie title, “Un boy, three girls” (the third work of the ” Tales of the Four Seasons ” cycle, whose original title is “Conte d’été” – “Summer Tale”) represents one of the most lyrical and free works by the French director Éric Rohmer, one of the greatest exponents of the Nouvelle Vague. The film develops over a period of time ranging from Monday 17 July to Sunday 6 August where we follow the story of Gaspard, a recent mathematics graduate who reaches a small town on the coast of Brittany to spend a few days of vacation in an apartment lent him by a friend. He would make friends with Margot and waits for his fiancée Léna to join him but he is also attracted to the shy Solène.

The film presents all the typical traits of Rohmerian cinema: simplicity, the dialogues with which the characters express themselves and their point of view of what surrounds them, live sound, and a photograph aimed at highlighting in this case the summer, theater of passion and feelings, light-heartedness and freedom. A romantic and melancholic film in which the viewer cannot fail to identify himself.



The story of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) is made up of a young, passionate, and sincere love destined to crash on an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and sink like “the ship of dreams”: the Titanic. I know we haven’t spoiled anything for you, as this film’s ending is probably one of the most talked about in the history of cinema (but how many would really have been on that piece of wood? But that doesn’t mean you have to give up watching it on principle. Titanic (1997) is not just a blockbuster– a typical characteristic of James Cameron’s films. But it is one of the most romantic love stories ever. So, two young lovers on the largest and most elegant ocean liner ever built in that era, between the belle epoque and the roaring twenties.

The spectator witnesses that naive and pure love that everyone would like to experience and whose happy ending will desire. Accompanied by the elegant, unique, and evocative soundtrack by James Horner (and the voice of Sissel Kyrkjebø – in addition to the very famous “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion) and by a really high-level scenography, costume, and photographic care, Titanic is a must-see movie.

Notting Hill


“Can the most famous star in the world fall in love with an ordinary guy?” she recites the poster of Notting Hill (1999), precisely summing up the gist of the story. William (Hugh Grant), a shy bookseller in a Notting Hill shop, meets by chance the actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), and the two immediately spark. However, the bond between the two seems to encounter only obstacles, between her boyfriend, secrets from the past, and constant indecision.

Notting Hill is a pleasant romantic comedy, funny and sparkling, which is hard to forget. Since the meeting between two people from two different worlds in the splendid setting of London, between bookshops and parks that have by now become icons of romantic stories. The sympathy and skill of Hugh Grant and the beauty and radiance of Julia Roberts do the rest. Notting Hill is another modern fairy tale, but with a British touch, capable of entertaining and also making all incurable romantics dream. This too has become a cult not to be miss

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