The Best Horror Movies to Keep You Up at Night

The Best Horror Movies to Keep You Up at Night
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The Mummy


The film directed by Karl Freund is among the leading examples of a horror genre that was carried forward in the United States throughout the 1930s. The author of this was Universal who created a real saga of monstrous stories. Dracula and Frankenstein had brought luck in art and it was decided to focus on the legend of the curse of Tutankhamun. However, the plot did not see the pharaoh as an antagonist but as the priest/architect, Imhotep. Over the years, more than a dozen films have drawn inspiration from it, including remakes, remakes, and sequels.

In Thebes, in 1921, three archaeologists from the British Museum discovered the tomb of Imhotep, with his mummy inside. One of them, inadvertently reading a papyrus found nearby (the Book of Thoth ), brings the deceased millennial back to life. The mummy escapes and a few years later, he will have taken human form for a specific purpose. A horror film to see, also to fully understand the dynamics of the genre since the first decades of cinema history.

The Invisible Man


We still find Universal’s Monsters, having marked an era. The film directed by James Whale, based on a science fiction novel of the same name, is considered one of the most important horror films of the first half of the 20th century and gave rise to many sequels and products inspired by the character. The special effects of 1933 to resume the actions of the invisible protagonist are curious. In fact, the man was wearing an entirely black velvet suit, which also covered his face. His actions were filmed against an equally dark background. So as to make the parts of the body involved invisible.

Doctor Jack Griffin, a chemist, discovered the secret of invisibility during experiments in which he used a mysterious substance, monocline. The substance is capable of discoloring any fabric. Thanks to these powers, the doctor will try to conquer the world. By becoming invisible he will start a spiral of violent killings of important personalities, in order to make everyone crawl at his feet.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers


The iconic 1956 film, directed by Don Siegel, is still celebrated today as one of sci-fi cinema’s finest products. Because yes, the genre is that of science fiction but it falls within that cinematic period, the 1950s, in which horror relied on these narrative choices to further innovate. Shot on a very low budget and in black and white. It has had three remakes, the most recent in 2007.

Dr. Miles J. Bennell holds a shocking and macabre theory. The extraterrestrials would have invaded his town, Santa Mira, copying human beings to perfection and replacing them as soon as they fall asleep. There are pods that create these unfeeling copies that will replace the originals. The city is now full of “doubles” and no one can believe the doctor’s words. But when the problem becomes too obvious, finding a solution will be difficult.



Not exactly a horror in its scary, macabre, and terrifying sense: rather a detective story or a creepy thriller. However, some scenes and moments of tension lead us to include the iconic film by Alfred Hitchcock among the best horror films to see. The film spawned spin-offs, sequels, and even a shot-for-shot remake, directed by Gus Van Sant. The film, based on a novel of the same name, has become famous even to fewer cinephiles for the legendary shower scene with Janet Leigh. A famous film that could not be excluded from the list, having marked a cinematic era and the lives of every lover of cinema, not just horror.

A woman, running away after a crime, finds herself the victim of a storm and decides to spend the night in a motel. The owner is Norman, a kind but strange-looking boy, oppressed by his jealous and authoritarian mother. There are no other guests in the motel that evening. The woman, while taking a shower, is attacked and killed by another woman who can barely be seen. From this moment on, the search for various subjects close to, and not close to, the murdered woman begins. Everyone is determined to solve the skein and find out what lies behind the Bates motel.

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