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What’s going on with “Euphoria”?

The problems began in the winter of 2023, when the series creator Sam Levinson presented the first version of the scripts for season 3. Their action took place five years after the events of the second series. The storylines involving Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and Nate (Jacob Elordi) were reportedly very impressive. Unfortunately, the main star of the series, Zendaya, disliked the idea so much that Levinson was forced to rewrite the story.

The improved version was apparently even worse. HBO in particular took issue with the development path of Zendaya’s character Rue. Levinson made her a private detective and pushed her storyline – so far key to the series – into the background.

The third version of the script also did not satisfy management. Apparently the story presented in it did not reflect the current situation of “Euphoria”. As a result, there was allegedly an idea to fire Levinson and hire a new showrunner.

The script is not the only problem producers have to face. Most of the series stars can currently boast dynamically developing careers. Their rates have gone up and their schedules are filled with new projects. Getting the entire team together for a six-month shoot would be quite a challenge.

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