The Iron Claw

How can you get excited about a combat sport that is not about a fair fight, but about a staged spectacle for the audience? In which we observe not a test of skills, but shamanism and clowning? Wrestling movies – that’s different. The Iron Claw is a story about the abominations of this most American […]

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Dave Bautista In A DC Show? Or Is It Just The Actor’s Wishful Thinking?

Is Dave Bautista gearing up for another collaboration with James Gunn , this time at DC Studios? Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. The actor’s recent social media activities have caused consternation among fans. Dave Bautista as Bane The confusion was caused by the actors post on Instagram. He published a graphic by BossLogic, which

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Allied, The paratrooper turns out to be Max Vatan, a Canadian soldier sent by the British to fulfill a spy mission. Together with a deeply disguised member of the French Resistance, Marianne Beauséjour, they pose as a loving couple, but in fact they are planning an assassination attempt on a high-ranking Nazi officer. Soon they

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World on a Wire

Wire World is one of the most evocative, multi-layered, and influential science fiction films you’ve probably never heard of. Professor Vollmer works at the Institute of Cybernetics and Futurology as director of the “Simulacron” program: a computer-created artificial world whose inhabitants, called “identity units“, live like humans, but are unaware that their reality is only

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Sucker Punch was met with great interest and even greater expectations from the very beginning. It couldn’t be otherwise, after all, this picture was supposed to be the original, uncompromising vision of Zack Snyder, the guy who gave us one very good and one brilliant adaptation of the comic book, in an impressive and crazy

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

If I’m being completely honest as a reviewer, I’ll say that I love the 1996 Smith series, which is probably where it all started. I still remember these 13 explosive episodes that I watched on TV as a kid. How great was my disappointment when I learned about plans to make a feature-length film –

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Close future. The several-person crew of the International Space Station, orbiting the Earth, is waiting for a capsule that will deliver samples from the surface of Mars. Not without some problems, they manage to intercept it. The delivered material is immediately transferred to the laboratory and analyzed to find any trace of life. Such a

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Twelve years ago, when the adaptation of Lee Child’s novel with Tom Cruise in the main role was released, even though the film itself was received quite well, fans of the series were in uproar. Initially, Amazon Prime’s proposal was better received. Lee Child’s grown child Reacher is a widely read series of novels about

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