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Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp (2024)

WOODY WOODPECKER GOES TO CAMP begins with Woody Woodpecker wreaking havoc in his forest home. The other animals kick Woody out until he learns to work with others. Sadly, Woody says goodbye to the only place he ever called home and stumbles upon a summer camp named Camp Woo Hoo. Dedicated to Teamwork reads the sign-out front. So, Woody sneaks into the camp where he faces new friends and new challenges. He must help the camp win the Wilderness Games against their rivals.

WOODY WOODPECKER GOES TO CAMP drags a little bit in the first act, but once it gets to the competition it becomes more of a sports movie and is much more enjoyable for it. Also, it’s very clever and witty in how it solves Camp Woo Hoo’s past poor performances at Wilderness Games. WOODY WOODPECKER GOES TO CAMP has a strong moral worldview about teamwork, helping others reach their potential, and family being important; with redeeming elements emphasizing sacrifice making amends forgiveness etcetera however, there is lots of slapstick comedy some toilet humor etcetera.

Violence: Lots of cartoon violence such as wrecking things through clumsiness or intent by the main character who fights a social media influencer then the villain does a battle royale type fight people take pratfalls boy slips on the climbing wall after the villain puts oil on his handholds at the top lots of typical cartoon slapstick stuff that you would expect this includes some physical gags like one involving rings hanging from rope attached helicopter into sky

Nudity: Upper male nudity when two older teenage boys enjoy the pool with their shirts off partial nudity occurs when a fat cartoon walrus character partially shows a rear crack bending over

Miscellaneous Immorality: The title character seeks revenge against a man who holds a party and disturbs the peace and quiet around Woody’s home in the forest villain plans to steal some gold people play tricks on Woody’s new friend

The movie starts when Woody is upset by a social media star who along with his entourage takes over the forest, making noise everywhere. Woody destroys the camp and hurts the social media star in several ways including falling on a hot barbecue grill face-first at some point.

Ranger Walter tells Woody he’s caused too much trouble after wrecking everything. He states that all the forest animals have taken a vote and decided to banish him until he learns how to get along with others.

However, Woody’s forest home doesn’t seem to be far behind as he soon comes across a sign for a summer camp called Camp Woo Hoo. The sign says “Dedicated to Teamwork.” So, naturally, Woody decides to give it a go.

But there’s one small problem with that plan the camp is for children, not animals. Not a problem for our little friend though! He befriends Maggie, the daughter of the camp owner who takes an immediate liking to this little pest. Maggie tells Woody that Woo Hoo is a STEAM camp (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). “Everyone here has a special talent,” she informs.

Of course, Woody gets into all kinds of trouble. Just when Maggie’s mom Angie gets the camp ready for the county camp inspector Wally Walrus, our little friend decides to start fooling around with a fire extinguisher. The extinguisher sends him on a wild ride causing lots of damage in the rec room. When Inspector Wally shows up he gives them 24 hours to fix everything.

Because of his penchant for disaster, Angie decides it would be best if Woody isn’t anywhere near the repair work so she orders him to help prepare for the Wilderness Games at Camp Woo Hoo with the children from next door at Camp Hoo Rah which is run by Angie’s cousin Zane who runs his like military every year beats like drum Games.

Meanwhile, back at Camp Hoo Rah, they have a new cook Buzz Buzzard who’s just escaped from prison. Buzz has a secret partner on the outside and they plan to get rid of both camps starting with Camp Woo Hoo in search of some hidden gold that one of Angie & Zane’s ancestors hid somewhere. The ancestor had two sons who fought over their father’s land so The brothers split which is how the two camps got started.

Things come to a head when Buzz tricks Woody into destroying Camp Woo Hoo again. Inspector Wally decides to shut down Camp Woo Hoo but Maggie and Woody talk him into letting Woo Hoo compete with Camp Hoo Rah in the Wilderness Games, if they win they can stay.

However, Woo Hoo has never beaten Camp Hoo Rah in the Games so this challenge may just be postponing the inevitable.

WOODY WOODPECKER GOES TO CAMP does meander a little bit in its first act but once it gets to the competition it becomes more like a sports movie and as such is a lot more fun. Also, the film is very clever and witty about its solution for Camp Woo Hoo’s past poor performances in the Wilderness Games. Lastly, there are enough twists and turns to keep things going

WOODY WOODPECKER AT CAMP has a moral of working together as a team, helping others reach their full potential and the value of family. It also includes redemptive content featuring sacrifice, making amends, and forgiveness. However, there is a lot of slapstick comedy and some potty humor. For instance, Buzz eggs on Woody to cause destruction; at one point they fight each other (though some fighting happens off-screen with only sounds heard). In addition, Zane sprays air freshener after coming out of the bathroom due to the strange sandwiches that Buzz fed him. Therefore, MOVIEGUIDE® cautions for younger children.

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