Will There Be A 2nd Season Of “She-Hulk”? Tatiana Maslany Responds:

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She Hulk

In the summer of 2022, the series “She-Hulk” premiered on the Disney+ platform. So quite a lot of time has passed and we still don’t know whether the series will be continued. Recently, “She-Hulk” star Tatiana Maslany was asked about the second season.

What does Tatiana Maslany say about season 2 of the series “She-Hulk”?

Tatiana Maslany was recently a guest on the “Codenames LIVE! – The New Class” streamed on Twitch. It was there that the question was asked whether there would be a second season . The actress did not have good news for her fans.

I don’t think so, Maslany said – I think we blew the budget and Disney was like, “No, thank you”.

About the series “She-Hulk”

Jennifer Walters leads the complicated life of a thirty-something lawyer specializing in superhuman cases. After receiving a life-saving blood transfusion from his cousin, Bruce Banner, he gains powers similar to those of the Hulk. Bruce helps her tame them.

The inspiration for the Disney+ series were comics by John Byrne from the 1980s. This series was distinguished by its satirical tone and regular demolition of the so-called “fourth wall” by the heroine.

The series featured quite a few familiar faces, including Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk, Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky, and Benedict Wong as Wong.

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