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As we have already informed on the Filmweb website, HBO has commissioned the production of the third season of the series “Euphoria”. Will this be the last season of the hit show? This question was answered by HBO programming director Casey Bloys.

The actors of “Euphoria” are now stars. What does this mean for the series?

Bloys met with Variety journalists after the success at this year’s Emmy Awards, where HBO (and Max) triumphed, winning the most statuettes. During the interview, he mentioned such hits as “The Last of Us”, “Big Little Lies” and “House of the dragon“. His statement regarding the series “Euphoria” caught the attention of many.

Bloys revealed that Sam Levinson is currently writing scripts for Season 3 episodes. However, when he was asked whether there was a chance for a fourth season, he answered evasively:

Of course, the actors became stars, which is always nice. And Zendaya is a big movie star now. So we’re dealing with a practical problem – Bloys suggests here that due to other offers, it may be difficult to bring the cast back. But then he adds: – Ultimately, however, it will all depend on what stories Sam wants to tell. We leave the decision to him and we will talk about it whenever he wants.

About the third season of the series “Euphoria”

Details of the third season of the series “Euphoria” are not known. Last summer, Sam Levinson suggested in an interview that he saw it as a film noir.

He added that the third series will “explore what it means to be a person of principle in a broken world”. We are supposed to see it from the point of view of Rue, the heroine played by Zendaya.

The third season of “Euphoria” will not feature the characters Kat and Fez. Barbie Ferreira, the actress who plays Kat, announced in 2022 that she was saying goodbye to the series. In turn, 25-year-old Angus Cloud, who played Fez, died in August 2023.

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