Why you should watch Indian Movies

Why you should watch Indian Movies

Indian Cinema is really underrated. They have great directors and actors that can bring a script to a new life. If you haven’t watched any Indian Movies then you are missing a lot of entertainment. 

Here is why Indian Movies are worth watching

  1. Music

Hollywood is famous for some great soundtracks and tunes. But there is a scarcity of songs in western movies. So if you want to hear some good music and songs, then Bollywood movies will be perfect for you. The entire framework of the movie is based on the music. You will fall in love with the movie, 

  1. Beautiful stories

India is a country where you can find two sections, The first section is the Rags and the other, Riches. Bollywood movies will give you a glance at India. The absolute poverty, the difference between poor and the rich, great love stories, and some funny stories.

  1. Acting

You must have seen Irrfan Khan in the Life of Pi and many countless Hollywood movies. You must have loved his performance. If you want to experience his pure acting and personality, then Bollywood movies are perfect for you. There are many great actors like him in Indian Cinema. You will not be disappointed

How to watch Indian Movies

  1. OTT Platforms

Netflix and Amazon offer a huge variety of Indian Movies. You can simply search for “Bollywood movies” or “Indian Movies” and the platform will display the entire list. Ott Platforms also offers English subtitles

  1. YouTube

Many film companies have uploaded their movies on YouTube. Just search for Indian Movies watches online on the YouTube Search bar. It is a quick and free method to watch Indian Movies

You can also watch Indian Movies and TV Shows for free on Putlocker. VPN is your best friend. You can change the location of your IP Address to India. It is a quick method. 

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