Why theatre will never be the same

Movie Theatre

The vaccination drive is still ongoing. We can expect many people to get vaccinated by the end of this year. It’s good news for movie theatre fans.

We all are missing theatres and once the pandemic gets over we will rush towards the theatre and watch a decent movie. 

But my take on this saying is that the movie theatres will never be the same and here are the reasons


One thing I like about watching a movie at home is that I can save my money by not ordering expensive food that theatres sell. I can order food from food delivery apps but it will not be that costly and average. 

Homemade food has become my primary choice while watching a movie and lack of good food will be a major reason why a theatre will never be the same.


Breaks is another great benefit one could get while watching a movie at home. My attention span has reduced so much that I need a break from anything I’m watching. 

I can pause, fast-forward or rewind a movie. That was also available before the pandemic but now it has become habitual. 


We all are saving a lot of money by watching a movie or TV show from home. Tickets have become overpriced and movie quality has dropped. I am constantly saved from guilt by watching a not-so-great movie at home. My food spendings have also gone down. And I am sure most of you have saved a lot of money. 


I am missing Crowd. But it will be awkward watching a movie in a crowded theatre after the pandemic gets over. The fear of germs will always be present. But we will get adapted to the crowd in no time. 

Watching a movie from home has its advantages. 

These are the reasons theatres will never be the same for me. But I will enjoy action movies like Avengers Endgame in theatres, not at home.

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