Why Ott can never replace Theatres

Why Ott can never replace Theatres

Ott platforms are on the rise with this pandemic. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus have gained immense popularity. Producers are forcing directors to sell their movies to the OTT platforms rather than holding and waiting for a theatrical release.

The situations of theatres are getting worse day by day. They are losing investors, movies, and customers. 

While Ott platforms are gaining a huge audience, profits, and investors. 

Is it the end of Theatres?

No, Theatres will never lose to OTT platforms. Ott Platforms are great, one can enjoy movies and show at the comfort of their homes but here are the reasons Ott can never defeat theatres

  • Atmosphere

One can never achieve the Atmosphere of theatres in their homes unless you are a millionaire. But we are talking about the general middle-class audience. They usually work a lot and have to face a lot of stress during the day. The only time they can get rid of the stress and leave all their problems at home and just enter the fantasy world of movies with a big screen, comfortable chairs and some hot popcorns can only be achieved while watching a movie in the theatres.

  • Better understanding

It is true one can rewatch the same movie on the Ott platform and understand the movie better. But one can only give pure absolute attention to the movie by watching the movie in the theatres. The audience has to pay a price for that particular movie and this stimulates the brain to pay absolute attention while watching that movie.

  • CGI

You remember the first time Avatar was released? CGI and Animation were mind-blowing. It still is. But you can’t achieve the same experience while watching it on your minimal screen at your house without the 3D effects and the comfort of the recliner chairs. Only theatres can give a beautiful 3D CGI experience to the users. And the technology of CGI is evolving which means the movies will be more beautiful in the future and the theatres will expand and will be more advanced. 

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