Why Bollywood is still not evolving

Indian Cinema has really evolved. But why it cannot compete with Hollywood anytime soon and what is the reason behind it? Find the reason for the downfall of Bollywood in this article

Reasons for Downfall of Bollywood

  • Monopoly

Bollywood was home to fresh ideas and new content. But now the Indian Cinema is trapped. When it comes to music, some major companies have a stronghold. They have the budget and name, they can manipulate and beat the competition very easily. The same monopoly is also applied in the direction of the movie and the casting. The monopoly system needs to get broken so that the audience can give chance to new banners and new talents

  • The culture of remakes

Bollywood needs to stop making remakes. India is a very big country and no one can believe the lack of ideas part. Hollywood is famous for its extraordinary scripts. Bollywood really needs to stop making remakes and start making some new content. 

  • Audience

Why a great movie always remains underrated. For me the word underrated means, it was great but was not recognized. Why the movie was not recognized? The only two reasons I can think of are lack of marketing and audience ignorance. The audience must learn to differentiate between great content and poor content. Great content must be supported at all costs. Stop giving your money to poor films with great banners and overmarketed actors. 

  • Nepotism

Yes, Nepotism exists in Bollywood. New actors are still struggling. It is difficult for them to get films while actors with family backgrounds with literally no acting skills keep getting chances, even after failure. News agencies are constantly hyping up the actors with family backgrounds. Everyone should be given equal opportunity for the role. 

  • Poor animation

This might be the major factor why Hollywood is ahead of every other film industry. India should work on its CGI and animations. India is a big country with many creative graphic designers, set specialists, and experts in other fields. It is a country with great minds. The only thing that we lack right now is superior technology. That is why we need to support films that try to enhance the animation game in Bollywood. So that other producers also come up with great animation movies. 

Bollywood really needs to change their game if they want to compete with other industries. You can watch some Bollywood movies and tv shows for free on Putlocker

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