Why Attack on Titan is the best anime right now

Why Attack on Titan is the best anime right now

Attack on Titan has the potential to be the best anime of this decade. It has all the elements you would want in an anime. In this article, we will discuss the strong points of this anime and why this anime should be on your anime list. 

We will try to keep the theories and discussion spoiler-free.

Why Attack on Titan might be the best anime of this decade?

  1. Animation

The animation is the strongest point of this anime. Literally, no anime right now can beat this classic in terms of animation. The animation of this anime is breathtaking, inspiring, and deserves every applause they can get. The fighting sequences are perfectly animated, the emotional characteristics are perfectly highlighted and the big titans look mighty and dangerous. They are definitely spending all on the animation aspect

  1. Soundtrack

The background score and the opening soundtrack of this anime are wonderful. It will give you chills. Special mention to “Sasagyo”. The new OST of season 4 is also great. 

  1. Characters

The show is filled with ambitious characters. We have Eren, who hates titans and can do anything to annihilate them. Mikasa is a brave fighter, Armin is a genius, Levi is simply a badass, Captain Erwin is brave and rational and has the potential to be a great leader. The show has a lot of characters, discussing them here can be a spoiler for you

  1. Plot

You might think this show is all about humans vs titans. No, that is not the case. The show is about the history of humanity, titans, other conflicts. The plot can get really heavy sometimes. I had to watch some episodes twice in order to understand the deepness of the plot. The plot is quite complex but really entertaining. The best thing about the plot is that it is filled with twists. Attack on Titan plot can change anytime.

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How many Seasons does the anime have?

Attack on Titan currently has 4 seasons. Every season is divided into two parts. Season 4 is going to be the final season of this anime. Currently, 14 has episodes have been released. They will come up with part two of season 4. 

You can read the manga if you want to know the plot. But I personally prefer the beautiful animation and music of anime. You can watch the anime on Putlocker for free. All 4 seasons of Attack on Titan are available on the website. 

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