Why 2021 is not a great year for movies releasing on theatres

Coronavirus is still going strong. Many movies were postponed due to the virus. They are scheduled to release in 2021. But what would be the fate of the movies releasing in 2021?

The latest movies will suffer the most. The covid is not stopping and the vaccination is in progress. 

Here are my thoughts. If you have a different opinion, you can tell me in the comment box below.

  1. People have become pretty comfortable with the OTT Platforms. They love to watch movies from their homes. 
  2. Many new strains of Coronavirus have been roaming around the world. They are more dangerous and infectible than the normal strain. Things can get out of hand if people don’t follow the safety protocols. Risking their lives by entering the theatre is not a great movie. That means fewer profits for movies, resulting in box office failure.
  3. Bollywood movies are prone to more failure. This lockdown has made people aware of what is good and what is bad. They have gained knowledge by watching underrated OTT Movies. They will not waste their money on useless movies. Only the movies with great scripts can win the heart of the audience and make them enter theatres. So average movies do not have any scope in 2021. 

Better ways to watch the movie

  1. OTT Platforms are the best way to watch the movie. You can purchase a monthly subscription to Amazon, Netflix, HBO Max, or HULU. They are great platforms with a great movie catalog
  2. Theatres are also offering on the demand video service. You can watch your favorite movie from your home by paying the ticket price and they will send you the link. It is a very convenient service
  3. If you still want to visit the theatres, then wear a mask. Make sure you are feeling healthy and no one in your family has any symptoms. Wear gloves if you can. Follow the guidelines of Covid and you will be safe. Don’t be a Karen. 

Remember you can wait for two or three years before stepping into the theatres. Your and your family’s safety should be your number one priority. Get vaccinated and wear a proper mask. The more rules you will follow the more chances of the extermination of the COVID. 

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