When Is The Premiere Of “Squid Game” Season 2? Netflix Makes A Declaration

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Squid Game

Netflix shared its fourth-quarter financial results yesterday. At the same time, they also presented plans for the coming year. Fans of “Squid Game” will be happy that a declaration has been made when we will see the second season.

The Return Of The Great Netflix Hit

In a letter to shareholders, the owners of Netflix admitted that last year’s strikes had an impact on this year’s programming. However, they assured that “Squid Game” will hit the platform this year. The exact date was not given.

The first season of “Squid Game” debuted on Netflix on November 17, 2021 and quickly gained huge popularity around the world.

456 very different people receive invitations to participate in a mysterious game. They have one thing in common – they all have serious financial problems. The game, with a stake of 45.6 billion South Korean won, takes place in a secret and closed area and involves a series of “traditional” children’s games in which the penalty for losing is death. Who will win this cruel game and what is its goal?

The second season will feature the following characters: Byung-hun Lee, Wi Ha-joon, the Detective Jun-ho, and Gong Yoo.

New cast members include: Gyu-yeong Park, Ae-shim Kang, Lee David, Lee Jin-wook, Roh Jae-Won and Won Ji-an.

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