What a combo! The directors of “Kingsman” and “La La Land” are preparing a musical

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Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn has begun a media tour for the upcoming release of “Argylle” At the same time, he talks about his plans. One of them may surprise film fans.

Matthew Vaughn and Damien Chazelle are preparing a film

Well, it turns out that Damien Chazelle and Matthew Vaughn are working on a joint project. Chazelle is its screenwriter. Vaughn will direct and produce it through his production company Marv Films. Virtually nothing is known about the project itself. However, it is supposed to be a musical.

Chazelle is the director of “La La Land“, “First Man” and “Babylon“. Vaughn in turn, is associated with exaggerated comic book shows such as or “Kingsman“. So we can’t wait to see the effect of cooperation between people creating such different content.

Lots of movies coming up for Vaughn

Unfortunately, we may have to wait a long time for the film. Matthew Vaughn has a lot of projects planned. Currently, work is underway on the script for the “Kick-Ass” reboot. Vaughn wants to get on set for this film next year. Currently, the director is shooting for a mysterious project which he does not want to talk about. He has plans for further parts of “Kingsman” and the entire universe for the upcoming “Argylle” movie.

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