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No childhood is complete without the tales of the jungle book. The movie is based on the novel written by Rudyard Kipling back in the year 1894.


Watch The Jungle Book Only On Putlocker

The story is of an infant and his journey of becoming a man, but not just any man. A man who is raised in the jungle! Spent his life in the woods and has adapted to the environment around him. This is the story of Mowgli. The story starts with a group of men hunting in the Forrest when they are attacked by a tiger known as Shere Khan. The brave men fight off the tiger and cause him injury forcing both parties to retreat. In this scene of chaos suffers an infant boy who is left behind. He is later rescued by a pack of wolves who raise him as one of their own. Over the years he lives under the protection of the leader of the pack “Akela”. Mowgli adapts to the Forrest and learns to live there comfortably until one day Shere Khan kills him. Shere Khan happens to have developed a grudge against Mowgli since his father had left his regards as marks on Shere Khans face back in the day they had faced each other. Mowgli is rescued by a panther who tries to takes him away from Shere Khan who is hunting Mowgli. Watch this movie on Putlockers to witness how Mowgli makes a new friend who is a bear and learn about how complex life could be when you are the most intelligent species in the jungle as everybody wants to use him to summon the red flower, AKA fire. This movie showcases the adventure of this young boy as he becomes a man and faces the deadly tiger and very wisely kills him putting an end to the sufferings of the whole jungle.


Watch The Jungle Book Only On Putlocker

The Jungle Book has been visualized by many movie directors in the form of short films and also an elaborate movie multiple times. The recent version of which is as recent as of the year of 2016.

The story is undeniably an epic and nothing beats a good story combined with stunning visualization. More than anything, the vivid depiction of landscapes and the surreal graphics shown in the movies are absolutely mind-blowing. One may almost forget that everything playing on the screen in just visual effects. The depiction of the characters and the animals in the movie is a masterpiece. From the depth of their voice to the way they are shown to move everything is executed with perfection.