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Life is all about momentum, life must go on and when it becomes stationary it becomes a burden. That is the case with most old age people who have nothing to do with life but wat for their inevitable death. But Mr. Ben Whittaker wants more from life even in his 70s! 

The Intern


Ben Whittaker, a 70 year old widower has spent his life doing the right thing at all times. He has provided for his family, raised a son who himself is now a dad to a 7 year old. Mr. Ben retired a few years ago and continued to live a normal life with his wife who soon after made her way to heaven leaving Mr. Ben alone. He traveled a few years of his life but eventually, whenever he returned home he realized that there is a void in his life and he needs to fill it. And that is purpose. One day he saw a poster for an internship in an e-commerce company and he applies for it. Apparently, he even gets selected and that is when his life gets interesting again. From observing his environment to fitting in so well with the young generation as if he is a teenager himself to making his way to everyone’s hearts. Mr. Ben sets a bar that is hard to break for anyone his age. 

The Intern


The Movie, The Intern teaches us a lot about life. It shows us a different perspective of life from the eyes of a seventy-year-old man who still has the energy to do anything. Mr. Ben teaches the newer generation a lesson on how to be a gentleman and why chivalry should be revived. The company was doing just fine without him but since Mr. Ben walks into the game he creates his own space that can not be left empty anymore. He becomes a father figure to Anne Hathaway in the movie, a role model of a perfect friend to those around him, and even adds up his experience to help the company. Mr. Ben fills the void in his life but also in the process fills the void of those around him. His counsel is full of experience and shows one the right path on which one must continue to succeed. 

Despite being a 70 year old man Mr. Ben never fails to be understanding. He adapts to his environment and fits perfectly with any age. 

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