Watch The Best 5 Romantic Korean Movies of All Time

Watch The Best 5 Romantic Korean Movies of All Time
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Boksuneun naui geot

2002 / Drama, Crime / South Korea

When people watched Oldboy, everyone wondered what else could be seen from such a bright author. And it quickly became known that this film is part of a trilogy about revenge, the first part of which was released in Russia under the title “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.” An incredibly cruel and absurd story where everyone tortures and cuts each other, and also commit suicide or die in an accident. Cinephiles were thrilled and eagerly awaited the third film in the same series, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.


2009 / Horror, Comedy, Drama, Melodrama

Another hit from Park Chang Wook, a vampire drama about a priest who died and rose from the dead, gaining a number of survival skills and a need for human blood. And if Western vampire films are characterized by some elegance in the erotic sucking of blood from the cervical artery, then the hero of the film gnaws on his victims often anywhere. Fans of vampire movies were very pleased.

The Handmaidens

2016 / Drama, Crime, Mystery / South Korea

This picture of Park Chan-wook was called by many the best film of 2016 and in the ratings of critics, she consistently took pride of place. This is an erotic thriller, which was scolded by connoisseurs of Asian cinema for pandering to the tastes of an undemanding public, and all those whose acquaintance with oriental cinema is limited to a couple of films a year, praised to the skies. Because it’s a really good movie.


2016 / Thriller, Horror, Action / South Korea

Also, the audience that season highly appreciated the zombie horror Yong Sang-ho, the director-animator, who seemed to be specially accumulating experience for a zombie horror movie. In fairness, it should be noted that the film differed from good Western examples of the genre only in its oriental exoticism, but even this, given the high drive of the film, was enough for its worldwide box office to approach $ 100 million.

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