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breaking bad on putlocker

With its debut on 20th January 2008, breaking bad started a saga of unending love for a tv series that has made its way on top of the list of the world’s best tv shows ever to be created. The idea that fascinated people was that unlike any other basic college based web series depicting an unreal life acted out by a very non-appealing cast, this show takes us on a detailed journey of how a very simple high school teacher becomes the world’s greatest drug dealer. It’s not really the drugs or the unusual storyline that became the key point to attract viewers but the fact that a show can revolve so up close around a person’s life that normal people can actually relate to it is what blew everybody’s mind.


breaking bad on putlocker

Escaping from the charisma of Walter White is definitely not easy. On the verge of death by cancer, Walter White experiences an awakening when he realizes that he is an overqualified person who does not get what he deserves out of his life. He is the greatest chemist and all he does is teach in a high school. But that changed soon after he met Jesse Pinkman, a former student now turned into a local drug vendor. Walter realizes that he can cook the best meth that has ever hit the streets and he teams up with Jesse Pinkman to complete the supply and demand cycle to establish a business. The punchline to the story is that Walter’s own brother in law is a DEA officer. Things get a little more interesting when he is after a guy known as Heisenberg in the drug business without knowing it is Walter himself. The most beautiful thing about the whole series that completes in 11 years is the way it slowly unfolds the life of the two characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as they both turn into completely different from who they were eleven years ago. This slow and steady ride teaches us about life more than any textbook ever will be able to.


A man must provide for his family. The show Breaking Bad depicts the harsh realities of the society we live in. A woman and a child are loved and adored simply for being who they are but a man must always provide. No one would love a failure. If a man fails to provide, he is not appreciated.

This is what drives men like Walter White to choose ways of earning money unethically. The series does show us the possible ways of how the drug industry works but also clarifies that the end of this is inevitable.

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