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(1981) Drama

Film directed by Carlo Verdone, produced by Sergio Leone and soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone. Three of the Italian excellences in cinema and music have created a perfect alchemy. A film that entertains from the first to the last minute. Verdone initially had doubts about making a film of this type but after careful consideration he began work on the project, a decision more than spot on in retrospect. Leone himself had doubts about the film and in particular about the chosen title. In fact, almost ten years earlier, White, red and… a film with Loren is release which was not very successful. Fearing that the public might associate the two works, he decided to make a private test screening in the presence of Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti and Paulo Roberto Falcão.

Their reactions were so positive that any reservations are liftes .The film was released without problems in theaters, enjoying great success. The film depicts the journey of three men Mimmo, Furio and Pasquale through Italy in the early 1980s, during an election weekend. Carlo Verdone plays all three characters, characterizing them as only he can. Furio is an extremely talkative and morbidly fussy professional, his attitudes during the film will put many people in difficulty, above all his wife. Mimmo, on the other hand, is an awkward boy who is very attaches to his grandmother, played by Sora Lella. Pasquale is insteas an emigrant from Southern Italy residing in Munich, on his way to Macerata he will have to face the reception of his compatriots, not exactly flattering.

Trading Places

(1983) Comedy /Drama

Among the must-see comedy films is the comedy Seat for Two by John Landis . Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd star in a true cinematic classic. Set in Philadelphia, the story tells of Louis Winthorpe III. Superficial and unpleasant stock broker, and Billie Ray Valentine, a nice beggar and cheat. The Duke brothers, Louis’ employers, decide to swap the two men and so Valentine gets a prestigious job in the stock market and Louis, however, loses everything.

The experiment should allow the Dukes to understand whether people are genetically predisposed to crime or the environment in which they live can affect them. Louis and Valentine, however, will realize that they have been used by the two financiers and together they will decide to take revenge in a fun and unexpected way. The self-reward for revenge? A fabulous vacation in the Bahamas, with pockets full of dollars.

Police Academy

(1984) Comedy /Drama

Police Academy is the first film of a saga consisting of 7 episodes, the last one is releases in 1994. The film is directes by director Hugh Wilson who also edited the screenplay. The incipit of the film is based on a real event in 1984 in Miami: in those years. In fact, the city was faced with an unprecedented wave of crime. This prompted the authorities to hire a large number of agents to compensate for the crime spike. Decreasing the pre-existing restrictions regarding physique and age. The film was a box office success, in Italy it ranked 7th among the highest-grossing films of the 1984-1985. Film season, in the United States the film earned 81 million dollars. Although it often happens that commercial success does not correspond to equal critical success, Police Academy was highly praises

The film was given the merit of representing a world of institutions. Authorities on the big screen in a demented and ironic way. Thanks to a particular announcement of competition, the restrictions regarding the enrollment in the Police Academy of an American citizen are eliminated. Given the obligation to follow a short training course, anyone could access without limits of colour, age, weight and gender. Not everyone agrees with the new provisions, above all the rigid lieutenant Harris, who intends to send everyone home with hard training. The characters who decide to sign up are all very well characterized. Larvell Jones, self-styled doctor capable of reproducing all imaginable noises with his mouth, Moses Hightower, a muscular black man who is a florist by profession,

Nothing Left to Do but Cry

(1984) Comedy / Fantasy

Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi direct and star in what was the blockbuster in the two-year period 1984-1985, grossing 15 billion lire. They manage to create a perfect union by combining two comic styles, and two dialects, very different from each other. The Tuscan one and the Neapolitan one. Some critics consider it the least successful of the two actors’ film. But looking at it through the eyes of a mere spectator, it is certainly the one that succeeds best in entertaining while having fun. Fun, this seems to be the watchword of the two comedians, who were the first to fail to remain serious on the set. Many scenes that were shot and reshot because the two could not hold back laughter.

The amount of footage was so vast as to force the two to eliminate several episodes and cut some scenes. The scene in which Benigni and Troisi write the letter to Girolamo Savonarola. Is a tribute to the scene from the film Totò, Peppino and the… malafemmina . Saverio (Benigni), elementary school teacher and the janitor Mario (Troisi) are transportes in 1492 due to a storm that suddenly catches them. The two, to escape the bad weather, had decided to take shelter inside an inn, passing the night. The next day, albeit surprised and confused. They awkwardly decide to adopt the clothing, language and customs of the time, thus starting an improbable sequence of encounters and clashes with the characters of the time.

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