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We have bad news for fans of the series “Warrior“. The Max platform decided not to invest in the production of the fourth season. Thus, the series was canceled.

The series created by Bruce Lee

The originator of the series “Warrior” was is a martial arts prodigy who comes from China to San Francisco, where he begins working for one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Chinatown. Thus, he will be involved not only in a fight for gang influence, where his enemy will turn out to be his own sister, but also in a political game in which immigrants are an easy electoral slogan. Andrew Koji takes place in the second half of the 19th century in San Francisco.

Warrior” was produced by Cinemax. When it changed its profile and gave up original productions, the series was taken over by HBO Max. Discovery sold the license to broadcast the first three seasons to the Netflix platform. The series will appear there in February.

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