WandaVision Finale Expectations

WandaVision Finale Expectations

WandaVision has exceeded all the expectations and is on the way to becoming the highest-rated MCU content of all time beating Black Panther.

The Finale is coming this week and we cannot stop thinking about it. The entire series was full of new stuff and possibilities. In this article, we will be talking about the things that could occur in the Finale. Feel free to tell us about your theories in the comment box below

What could happen in Episode 9?

Here are some crazy things that could happen in the crazy finale episode

  1. White Vision Identity

Sword successfully created the White Vision with the help of Wanda’s magnetic field or we can say “The Hex”. But what is the identity of the White Vision? Some fans are saying that it is an artificial intelligence without any feelings or humanity. He is intelligent but brutal and may take orders from the sword. 

Some fans are saying that they have accidentally revived Ultron and given him the body he desired. If that is the case, then the world will be in grave danger. Marvel Cinematic Universe is super crazy they could bring him back. 

  1. More Marvel Characters will appear

Since WandaVision is connected directly to Dr. Strange 2, we may witness Dr. Strange entering the Hex. Wanda has created something that can harm reality and Stephen Strange is the only sorcerer that can fix that. Also, the third part of Spiderman is also based on Multiverse. They can set up the events of the film in the last episode of the Wandavision.

  1. The final battle

There will be a final battle in the climax. We can witness Wanda and our own vision vs the White vision and Agatha or the fight between two witches, Wanda vs Agatha. Dr. Strange can also be a part of this battle.

What will be the runtime of the episode?

The final episode of the WandaVision will be a 43-minute long episode. It will be a long episode and we hope the end credits will be shorter this time. 

When will be the episode releasing and where can I watch it?

The final episode of WandaVision will release on 5th March. You can watch this episode on Hotstar Premium, Disney Plus, and Putlocker (if you want to watch it for free.

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