Wandavision Episode 5 unexpected Cameo

Wandavision might change the entire marvel cinematic universe. The show started slow but now has picked up the pace and is really satisfying the fans.

Do you remember the Quicksilver in the X-men movies? He was a savage speedrunner in the X-men movies and has saved the X-men countless time with his superspeed and headphones on. He was the unexpected cameo that can change the entire marvel cinematic universe

Here are some possibilities

  1. He is not the actual quicksilver. Mephisto might be the antagonist of the show. He is the one behind Wanda creating an alternating reality and he is disguising himself as the quicksilver from the X-men series and has interrupted the conversation between Wanda and Vision.
  2. Wanda has accidentally created the multiverse and wanted to resurrect his twin brother but somehow an alternate version of his brother from a different reality has appeared. He might be from different earth and now that she has created a rift in the universe, the multiverse could actually happen
  3. It is just a cameo. It might just be a cameo with no consequences and no multiverse concept.
  4. Or the original actor that portrayed the role of Quicksilver in the Age of Ultron is no longer in the contract and is being replaced by this one. But that is very unlikely. Marvel is very serious regarding casting.

We have to wait for the 6th episode until then we can only theorize or discuss the future possibilities. I have also noticed that they were talking about calling an Aerospace Engineer. That Aerospace Engineer could actually be Richard Reeds and Monica Rambeau can become The Invisible Woman in the future. They are really going fast with the multiverse and introducing new superheroes. The upcoming phase of marvel is going to be crazy. Follow this website for more marvel cinematic universe updates

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