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Top Underrated Thriller movies of Hollywood

Some thriller movies like The Sixth Sense, Seven, Shut Island are classics but there are so many similar thriller movies which we are going to discuss in this article today.

You won’t have heard or seen these underrated thriller movies. The reason for the same is not having a big budget, popular star cast or lack of promotions. 

Black Water(2007)

The story revolves around four people who go to explore an isolated island where they get to face a gigantic crocodile. The struggle to survive is very well shown and the movie has a strong script.

One can spot certain deadly scenes where people are stuck on trees. If they went down they will become food but if they didn’t, they don’t have food to survive. 

I See You (2019)

This is one of the best suspense movies of the last five year in the genre of thriller. The story revolves around a missing local boy and some strange activities start to happen around the investigating officer. 

This is amongst those movies which will hold you till the end since every time there will be something unexpected.  

Hush (2008)

This is not the one relating to the Matrix though that one is awesome too. The story revolves around a couple who doubt about a kidnapping of a girl in a truck. After an argument about chasing the truck or to call the cops, they stop at a gas station from where the girl is kidnapped by the same kidnapper. 

It is a good thriller movie with plenty of suspense and thriller.

Identity (2003)

Due to a heavy storm, 10 people decide to take shelter at a hotel. The hotel seems to be in an isolated place and people start to get murdered and disappear. 

This movie will keep you engaged from the very first minute and not everyone could crack the suspense of this movie. 

Disturbia (2007)

It is a story of a teenage boy who is under house arrest by local police. His mother cuts the Tv connection and to pass the time he begins to keep an eye on neighbouring areas and people.

Fortunately, a new girl comes to live in his neighbourhood and he passes time looking at her all the time. Along with that, he also finds a suspicious neighbour who could be cause for disappearing women in the town.

Burning Bright (2010)

This is a Story of a child and a teenage girl who are stuck in their house with a starving tiger. We believe it’s sufficient for us to portray the plot of this movie. Just like any other movie, the main star of the movie is the Tiger. You should watch this, if you want to know if the little child and teenage girl could survive the prey. 

Burn (2019)

The story revolves around a girl who is introverted and not so social, named Melinda. She is upset with her loneliness. She works at a gas station and tries to flirt with guys. However, nobody bothers to pay her attention. But one day, suddenly a man robs the bellington store and there comes a hostage situation. 

The suspense in this movie is finding who the real hostage is. The movie has a great storyline and deals with isolation which will definitely impress you. 

The Glass House (2001)

The story revolves around a girl named Ruby and her younger brother Red who loses her parents in a car accident. They both move to a house owned by their parents’ friend. These become the new guardian to both of them. 

They further explore the dark truth of their guardians which is shown in the middle of the movie but the suspense will keep you engaged enough to watch it till the end.

Final Words

We hope you liked the curated list of underrated thriller movies. Indeed, these are handpicked on the basis of good script, storyline and presentation.

If you are looking to watch your favorite movies you may watch them on any of your favorite platforms such as Youtube, Putlocker, 123movies, etc.

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