Top of The 5 Best Bollywood Movies That You Cannot Miss

Top-of-The-5 Best-Bollywood-Movies-That-You-Cannot-Miss
Top of The 5 Best Bollywood Movies That You Cannot Miss
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

2016 / USA/ Action

Spin-off, which turned out to be almost better than the original series. At least not a single episode of the official series can compare with this picture in terms of dynamics – and in terms of a completely outrageous finale that plunged the viewer into an almost trance.

2001: A Space Odyssey

1968 / Adventure / USA, UK

By the time Kubrick made his film, there were already a lot of science fiction films about space and its inhabitants, though almost all of them were bad. Kubrick not only set the highest bar for quality, which no one has yet overcome. He also made one of the most amazing endings in the history of cinema.

Ender’s Game

2013 / Fantasy, Action / USA

The much more modest science fiction about the child prodigy Ender in no way claims to be Kubrick’s laurels and does not compete with him. But there, too, we are talking about extraterrestrial intelligence, and Ender and his team carefully prepare to repel the alien threat. But no one knows what exactly this threat is.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

2001 / Drama, Adventure / USA

The further Spielberg’s film moves from Kubrick’s horror stories towards the fairy tale about Pinocchio, the stronger the viewer’s suspicions. But no one could have imagined that the finale of the film would be exactly like this and exactly, if I can say, then.

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