Top Horror Movies and The History of Horror Genre

Top Horror Movies and The History of Horror Genre
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The Fly


David Cronenberg’s film is a remake of a 1958 product. The film belongs to the so-called “body horror” genre and immediately became a cult by winning the Oscar for best Makeup. Definitely among the most beautiful and must-see horror films, loved by all generations.

In a very isolated laboratory, a scientist manages to discover how to teleport matter from one point to another. The doctor, now aware of the enormous potential of the discovery, decides to try it on himself. The machine works according to a simple principle: there are two “boxes”, the first will house the man’s body. The second will be the one in which he will find himself after the teleportation. After the procedure, everything went very well and it was a triumph for science. The only problem is that a fly had entered the first box, the source, which will come out together with the doctor in the second box, with some changes.



The film written and directed by Clive Barker is based on the short novel Slaves of Hell by the same director. The first film in the homonymous saga, it was followed by as many as nine sequels, witnesses of the success of the product, all with a single common thread. The protagonists of the saga are the Cenobites (in the Italian dubbing “ Supplizianti” and their evil leader, Pinhead.

Larry moves with his new wife to a villa where there are still the remains of his brother Frank, but during the move, he injures his hand. The blood that fell to the ground causes his brother, Larry’s wife’s lover, to come back to life. The man had actually been imprisoned, in conditions of physical decay, following the opening of a mysterious box. To return to normal, he needs victims and their blood. But man’s escape from that dimension of torture will trigger the search by the Cenobites, monstrous creatures who want to bring man back into their world, and their monstrous leader.

In The Mouth Of Madness


Another film by John Carpenter is among the good horror films, this time with what is called his best son. The film is inspired by the novels of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. A distressing journey where the metaphysical universe merges with the material one.

The story tells the story of investigator John Trent who is tasked with finding a writer of horror books who has disappeared. The detective sets out to search but with the suspicion that it is all an advertising gimmick for the promotion of an upcoming book. Trent finds himself involved in a search in which reality and fiction are intertwined and where he too will risk losing his temper. It is especially when some events narrated in the writer’s books begin to take shape.

The Blair Witch Project


When two first-time directors shot this horror documentary, they never expected the global success that followed. In fact, there was much acclaim between audiences and critics. The film became the lowest-budget film with the highest receipts. Reasons why it is included in the recommended horror films!

Three boys disappear in the woods and footage is found that narrates what happened before the disappearance. The chronological montage tells the story of these students who want to make a school documentary on the legend of the “Blair Witch”. A popular legend concerning a woman who had been exiled to the woods for some child murders. The boys, however, do not limit themselves to investigating the population but go directly to the woods. There, after a short time and strange sensations, they will realize they are trapped.

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