Top Hollywood Comedy Movies That Will Make You Laugh

Top Hollywood Comedy Movies That Will Make You Laugh
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The title of the comedy Stuber comes from Stu, the name of a calm and well-mannered guy who works as an Uber driver in his spare time. Stu takes a race and that’s how he meets Vic, an old-fashioned policeman on a mission who almost kidnaps Stu to complete his mission. From the conflict that arises between the two, separated by generations. With mentality, and approach to problems, a successful comedy is born, full of funny scenes. A well-made movie. With “salt and pepper” that will almost certainly raise your eyebrows and leave you with a smile on your face at the end. Enjoy

The King of Staten Island


The King of Staten Island is Scott, a 24-year-old summer loser without a high school diploma, without a job, and who still lives with his mother. Scott’s favorite activity is hanging out and doing drugs with his gang of misfits. The son of a firefighter was affected by the death of his father. And not to mention Who spent time on a mission when he was just a kid, Scott seems stuck in apathy and lack of involvement in the lives of those around him. This “sweet romance” of Scott’s is about to end after his younger sister leaves for college and his mother finds a boyfriend.

A film that manages to combine humorous moments with dramatic accents in a more than pleasant manner. A successful dramedy in which you will have the opportunity to see the stand-up actor Bill Burr in a successful role. You can watch it online by following the link below the trailer. Enjoy!

The Wrong Missy


Still from the title of the comedy, The Wrong Missywe find out that there is confusion in the film and that the Missy character is not the intended one. Tim is a bachelor corporate man who accidentally meets the woman of his dreams at an airport. Having different destinations. The two do not spend much time together. Enough time to exchange phone numbers. The discussion between them continues through text messages and Tim decides to take the next step and invite her to Hawaii, where he is going to have a company party.

This is when things get crazy because Tim manages to mix up phone numbers and finds himself on the plane to Hawaii with “The Other Missy”. Even A light comedy that also comes with a moralizing message, is only good for a relaxing evening where the demands are not at a high level. The movie can be watched online on Netflix. Enjoy!

Palm Springs


The action romantic comedy Palm Springs takes place during a wedding taking place in Palm Springs. Niles and Sarah, 2 of the guests get to know each other and a relationship will develop between them that will have to pass the test of time. Similarly, Time plays an important role in this film because the two will be caught in a temporal loop that will force them to relive the wedding day they are invited to again and again. Even if it resumes an older theme, present in many films such as the famous Book Day. However, the film is pleasant and manages to come with some new nuances. I’ll let you discover if Niles and Sarah are. Manage to get out of the loop in which they are trapped together. Enjoy

La Belle Époque


The film La Belle Époquethe action centers on Victor and Marianne, a couple in crisis. So, Their long marriage is put to the test by Victor’s inability to adapt to modern technology and the changes it brings. When the present seems to offer him nothing A gift from his son seems to give Victor a breath of fresh air. Since He offers him an invitation to an event that aims to recreate moments from the past with the help of actors and theatrical sets. Victor chooses to relive the evening 40 years ago when he met Marianne. A dramedy is full of emotion that carves its way to the viewer’s soul. A very good film. Enjoy!

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