Top-Grossing Movies of 2020 To Watch Now

Top-Grossing Movies of 2020 To Watch Now
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A real surprise of 2020, this film written by Alejandro Landes, which gives it a great breadth of tributes and quotes. Eight Colombian boys, precisely called Monos, hold an American “doctor” prisoner, and in the meantime, they play war, practicing continuously among themselves. A whirlwind of suspense, emotions, and bated breath that will keep you glued to your chair. 



Eighth film behind the camera for Pablo Larraín. Through the language of drama, the Chilean director tells the land of him under the pretext of a tangled but so deeply real story. A dancer with a troubled life makes some decisions based on her sense of guilt, also conditioned by an episode that remains imprinted on her throughout her life. Great success in Venice. 



It is not just another World War I film, but a sensory experience that marks the opening of the 2020 film season. So, Mendes’ direction guides the viewer step-by-step, never making them lose attention with his intense plans. However, Roger Deakins’ photography is the icing on the cake of a visually and emotionally flawless film. 

Uncut Gems 


A dramatic thriller is full of insights into the injustices that the world and life continually propose, which are told through the exploitation of an Ethiopian mine but could be applied to all the inequities that grip existence. since unpleasant and complicated situations fill the feature film, where an unreleased Adam Sandler stands out and should not be missed. 

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