Top Five Scary Horror Movies To Watch Now

Scary Horror Movies

It Comes at Night 

2017/Horror, Mystery/USA 

There is an outbreak of an unknown disease in the world, killing all who contract it. To protect his family, a man takes his wife and child away from civilization, deep into the forest, where he hopes to wait out the horror that is happening in an abandoned hut. The protagonist introduces rather strict rules, which, in his opinion, should help them survive. Everything changes the moment unexpected guests appear on the threshold of the house.

Jeepers Creepers 3 

2013/Thriller, Horror/USA 

16 years passed between the releases of the first and third films. A girl named Trish (the heroine of the 2001 tape), who lost her brother a few years ago, is now raising her son, Darry. She often sees the same nightmare in which her son is killed by a creature called Jeepers Creepers, as she once killed her brother. Deciding that it’s too early to give up, Trish goes in search of Jack Taggart Sr., who also suffered from this scourge (from the 2002 film), to put an end to the bloody murders of a vile creature together. 

Escape Room 


The quest “Exit the room” was once a popular form of entertainment among teenagers, but gradually interest in it began to fade. Bris, the owner of the quest, sees a funny box in the form of a skull in an antique shop and decides to purchase it to update the props, but she does not notice the warning on the lid. Later, Jeff and his friend Ben, having learned about the “Exit the Room” adventure, invite their friends to play the quest. In a darkened room, young people discover the same box in the shape of a skull, on which it is written that a dangerous demonic entity is imprisoned inside. When the guys open it, an ancient demon breaks out into our world. 


2016 / Thriller, Horror, Mystery / USA 

Former drug addict Jackie, after leaving the rehabilitation center, gets a second chance: she finds a new job, as well as a room in the Havenhurst apartment building, where she decides to settle down. But she doesn’t know that this house, located in the very center of New York, keeps one dangerous secret: you can move into it, but you won’t be able to leave it.

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