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Top 5 newly released movies on Netflix

We are in the year 2021 after facing the hard time of pandemic. Last year, during the lockdown most of us were trying to entertain ourselves with help of movies and games as a result there might be very few good movies left to watch. Therefore we bring you the list of top 5 newly released movies.

Outside the Wire

In the near future, a drone pilot sent into a war zone finds himself paired up with a top secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack. Outside the Wire does not set up an obvious sequel. Will netflix dish out more money for Outside the Wire 2? If the original proof is popular enough based on early reviews, critics haven’t found much value. 

Yet, there’s plenty of streaming potential with the MCU’s Anthony Mackie in a lead role. As of now Outside the Wire will need major reviews to make a sequel. 

The Dig

A thoughtful reconstruction of an archaeological deck somewhere in DBS Suffolk feels like quite unlikely material for one of the first big netflix hits of 2021. However, the dig has turned out to be exactly that. 

It is based on the actual novel “The Dig” and the story is about an excavator and his team who discovers a wooden ship from the dark edges while digging up a burial ground on the women’s stage. 

The White Tiger

Based on aramid adiga’s booker prize winning novel The White Tiger is currently ranked the most popular film on netflix worldwide featuring bollywood actors Adarsh Gaurav, Rajkumar Rao and Priyanka Chopra.

The film tells the story of Balram, a young boy who is forced to drop out of school after his poor father dies. To support his remaining family, he does all jobs breaking stones and working in a tea store. Despite his falling on hard times, Balram has not forgotten when a teacher called him a white tiger and thus complimented him for his strength to speak up in class.

As a white tiger i.e. a special person, his sole aim is to break out of the coup of his class and caste and make it a vegan life. Balram is the quintessential indian underdog from a poor low-cost family of servants. After finding a job as a driver he kills his employer, to break out of his servant identity and establish a new life with a new name.

I Care a Lot

A woman who makes her living, stealing from the elderly by deceiving judges into appointing her as the illegal guardian. She lands into hot water when her latest victim turns out to have ties to a powerful gangster. 

The film had its world premiere at the torrential international film festival on September 12, 2020. It is scheduled to have a streaming release in most countries on February 19, 2021 through either netflix or prime video depending on the region.

Penguin Bloom

In 2013, Bloom, her husband Cameron and their three sons traveled to a remote village in the gulf of thailand for vacation. The day after arriving from Australia, Bloom leaned onto the barrier of her hotel’s observation deck to survey the wheel from above and then she fell through the balcony crashing onto the tile 40 feet below. 

Bloom was gravely wanted in the aftermath. She suffered a fractured skull, bruised and bloating brain, ruptured lungs and two spinal injuries with long-term consequences. 

As Bloom struggled to adjust to the new normal personnel took in a wounded chick that she named penguin for its black and white coloring.

Taking care of the baby bird and watching her grow, the family and Bloom found a new sense of purpose.

The Call

In 2019, 28 years old Kim Suo Young loses her cell phone while traveling to visit her sick estranged mother in a rural area. Arriving at her rundown childhood home, she finds a decades-old cordless phone and through it receives calls from a distressed woman who says she has been tortured by her mother. 

After investigating the house, Suo young figures out that the woman on the phone over Yong Sook is living in the same house but in 1999. The two are able to communicate across time through the phone and exchange information about their lives. Yong sook is an orphan and lives with her adoptive mother who is a Shaman while Suo Young lost her father in a fire that she blames her mother. 

Final Words

The story seems very interesting for all these movies, It won’t be appropriate to judge any of the movies without watching. You can keep these movies in your wishlist for Feb 2021.

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