Top 5 International Movies To Watch In November 2022

Top-5 International-Movies-To-Watch-In-November-2022
Top 5 International Movies To Watch In November 2022

Major Payne

1995 / Adventure, Family movie, Comedy / USA

Americans believe that it is not necessary to arm and exile teenagers in order to tame them. It is enough just to appoint a sadistic military officer as a teacher, who will begin to beat all the nonsense out of small heads with the usual barracks methods. Until he turns into a normal person.

The Class (2008)

2008 / Drama / France

The French do not accept such methods of education. But the film won the main prize at Cannes for a reason: the teacher has to understand the problems of his multinational class, taking into account the peculiarities of the cultural layer to which each particular student belongs. It is a trial and error path where there is no right answer at all. We’ll Live Till Monday after that seems like a naive and conflict-free film.

Harmony Lessons (2013)

2013 / Drama / Germany, Kazakhstan

The Kazakh film about bullying in high school did not just become an international hit: it talks about a phenomenon that exists in any children’s microcommunity, it’s just shown here in the most ascetic and accurate way, so that there are no more discrepancies. In Russia, however, they did not release the film, believing that we had enough of our own films on this topic.

Corrections Class

2014 / Drama / Russia

Indeed, this is where the bullying is: students of the correction class are harassing a girl who is better than them in every way, but, firstly, she cannot walk, and secondly, she sincerely wants to be a person, while classmates have long been hardened and lost the desire to be part of civilization. Anderson’s finale of the film did not convince everyone, but touched many.

Everybody Dies But Me (2008)

2008 / Drama / Russia

Germanika made the most honest film about the school in the history of Russian cinema. The film forms a kind of dilogy with the painting “Girls”, and these are the same school children and the same school that millions of Russians try their best to forget and remember only in nightmares. Germanika resurrected these memories on the screen, and suddenly everyone understood: nothing had gone anywhere.

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