Top 5 Drama Movies That You Can Watch Right Now

Top 5 Drama Movies That You Can Watch Right Now
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Jonathan Demme (1993) 

Worried that the news could jeopardize his career, attorney Andrew Beckett hides his homosexuality and HIV positivity from members of the law firm where he works. So, a colleague of Beckett’s, suspicious of the telltale lesions on the man’s face, discovers his secret and reveals it to everyone. Fired, Beckett immediately files a discrimination complaint using the only lawyer willing to help him, Joe Miller. 

Philadelphia is one of the movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video without hesitation; an extraordinary film centered on a complex and very delicate theme. For the extraordinary interpretation of him in the role of Andrew Beckett, Tom Hanks won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1994. A second Oscar comes for best song, Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia. Denzel Washington’s performance as Joe Miller was also intense and close to perfection 


Mathieu Kassowitz (1995) 

A day in one of the many Parisian suburbs. A day like many others for the Jew Vinz, the Maghrebi Said, and the black Hubert, were it not that a friend of theirs, Abdel, was beaten by the police following the clashes of the previous night and is now in hospital … 

This is the synopsis of what L’odio reported on Prime Video. However, directed by Mathieu Kassowitz, it stars Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé, and Said Taghmaoui. Immersed in a black and white that forcefully brings out any contrast, L’Odio stages the social tensions, police violence, and desperation that characterize life in the suburbs. Though tense and violent in the narration and staging, it has real strength in the rehearsals of the three protagonists. 


Paul Thomas Anderson (1999) 

With Magnolia, director Paul Thomas Anderson hires an exceptional cast to tell many intertwined stories that represent a real short circuit in society. Murders, crimes, and dramas come together in a dramatic waltz of great effect. So, the film’s brilliant and unsettling finale (which bursts like the deus ex machina of a modern-day Greek tragedy) makes it memorable, to say the least. Since Among the actors are Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick (1999) 

Eyes Wide Shut, loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler’s splendid novel Double Dream, is the latest film by Stanley Kubrick, released posthumously in the United States on July 16, 1999. Bill (Tom Cruise) and Alice (Nicole Kidman) are a wealthy couple who live in New York. At the party of a friend of theirs, they both get wooed, and once back home, Alice confesses to her husband that during a vacation she felt a very strong attraction toward a young Navy officer. Since The confession ends up upsetting Bill, who falls victim to a potentially very dangerous whirlwind of passions, desires, and transgressions. 

Eyes Wide Shut lends itself to the most varied readings, and the title reveals a key to the reading: to “see,” you need to keep your eyes openly closed. It is a film that requires a careful look from the viewer and even more glances. The hypocrisy of modern society and a contemporary man emerge in symbolism through the analysis of a couple in crisis due to incommunicability. 

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