Top 4 Influential Movies of the 21st Century

Top 4 Influential Movies of the 21st Century
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Jojo Rabbit 


Written and directed by a visionary like Taika Waititi, Jojo Rabbit is a comedy about Nazism with sweet and delicate tones, but it is also easily melancholy. The Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay is the epitome of brilliant and incredibly mature writing. Scarlett Johansson gives the viewer a very intense interpretation, which will remain forever etched in his or her eyes and mind. 

The Lighthouse 


How can you define Robert Eggers’ feature film? A horror film, a science fiction film, a thriller, or a drama? The Lighthouse is all this and more. A story of spirits, ghosts, and perversions that leaves room for reflection and the deepest doubts of the human being Thanks to this great pearl, Robert Pattinson becomes a complete actor, capable of arousing the most diverse emotions in the viewer. not to be missed. 

I’m thinking of ending things 


This film marks a great return to writing for Charlie Kaufman, who also returns behind the camera for the third time. So, as always, the American genius manages to amaze, excite, and make people think, using the pretext of a trip. However, a meditation on life, death, the value of existence, and the thoughts and problems of all of us is a great little gem to see. 

Bad Tales 


A story of some families on the outskirts of Rome turns into an amazing journey into the human depth, of the diversity of characters and ambitions, which also translates into a reflection on the concrete possibilities of life. Since Written and directed by the D’Innocenzo brothers, this extremely melancholy tale won the award for best screenplay at the Berlin Film Festival. 

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