Top 3 Thriller movies on Putlocker

Putlocker has specially curated a list of top 3 thriller movies that will entertain you this week. These movies can have some gore and sexual scenes.

Top 3 Thriller movies on Putlocker

  1. Buried

Ryan Reynolds is trapped in a coffin. Buried is a thriller movie directed by Rodrigo Cortés and the main role of this movie is portrayed by Ryan Reynolds. He is a civilian truck driver named Paul Conroy. He wakes up buried in the coffin and for his aid, he has a cell phone with the minimum signal. How will he get himself out in this situation?

This movie will give you some heavy goosebumps and you will be on the edge of your seats the whole time. This is a short movie but it has created a very powerful impact. Being trapped in a coffin is everyone’s nightmare. Watch this movie right, Ryan Reynolds has done a perfect job.

  1. Gone Girl
gone girl

It was the best movie of 2014. Ben Affleck portrays the role of Nick Dunne. Nick’s wife Amy is missing. Amy is portrayed by Rosamund Pike who has been missing leaving behind some clues and traces of some foul play and some evidence done by her be loving husband Nick Dunne. Nick is surprised and has no clue what he has done. The movie is directed by David Fincher and its one of his best works yet. The movie is adapted from a bestselling novel written by Gillian Flynn, The performances were done by Ben and Rosamund were excellent and can be considered as their career’s best. The movie is full of twists and drastic turns and will surely entertain you from every perspective. You are not a thriller fan if you haven’t watched this movie.

  1. Get Out
get out

Get out was released in 2017 and directed by Jordan Peele. The star cast of this film is excellent. David Kaluuya has played the role of the main character in this movie and his performance will win your heart.

Chris portrayed by David Kaluuya is with Rose. The couple visits his white girlfriend’s parents’ house. Things were fine at the beginning but they started going downhill when Chris discovered something he could never have imagined. This movie is a thriller movie but also hilarious is many aspects. The movie was Oscar Worthy. Watch this film right it is a perfect weekend movie.


Everyone loves thriller movies. We have updated the list with some of the best thriller movies that you can watch during lock down also comment on your favorite movies in the comment section