Top 3 Anime on Putlocker

Everyone loves anime. Anime is the most creative and unique form of entertainment. Some anime can be for children but most of them are based on some groundbreaking and important topics. These topics can only be enjoyed and understand by the mature audience.

Putlocker has compiled a shortlist of anime’s that you can start watching right now. We will also talk about the lessons that the anime is providing you.

Top 3 Anime on Putlocker

  1. Naruto

Naruto is a very long anime. You have to watch 500 plus episodes to finish the story. But the good thing about this anime is that the quantity of episodes does not overshadow the quality of the plot.

A young boy named Naruto Uzumaki aspires to become the leader or we can also say Hokage of his village. Everyone hates him the in beginning. He is an orphan and lacks some skills. How will he overcome the hate and what will be his journey like?

This is the entire plot of anime. But that is just the short picture. The long picture includes some super interesting groundbreaking characters and villains. You will love the ideologies of villains and at some point root for them. This anime is a must-watch.

  1. Parasyte the Maxim

This anime only has 24 episodes. A young boy named Shinichi Izumi is infected by a Parasyte. Parasyte is basically a monster that consumers and harvest on human beings. He must learn to survive and co-exist with a creature that has infected him. He is part monster part human.

This anime is dark and contains a lot of gore. It will make you wonder about humanity and how they are the real monsters. It will give you some deep and saddening messages. Watch this anime, it is available on Netflix

  1. Boku dake ga inai machi / Erased

A 29-year-old Satoru Fujinuma has to travel back in time and prevent the events that lead to his mother’s death. He has to prevent the kidnappings and save someone he knew in his 5th grade. This anime is a time travel anime. Time Travel is a complicated concept but this anime shows and presents the concept without any mistakes and with proper explanations. You will feel the loss of Satoru. This anime is also very emotional and sometimes sad. You may need a pair of tissue papers while watching this anime. This anime is also available on Netflix. You can watch this anime in Japanese or English.


We have curated the list with proper research and our own experiences. Comment your favorite anime in the comment section below.