Top 10 Movies Of 2016 You Can’t Miss

Top 10 Movies Of 2016 You Can’t Miss


Another collaboration between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. The story of the difficult life of a single mother who eventually becomes a successful businesswoman has already attracted the attention of the Film Academy. The leading actress has been nominated for Oscar, and the Golden Globe is already in the actress’ pocket.

The Danish Girl

A dramatic story about the importance of being yourself. Once Einar Wegener realizes he is only comfortable in a woman’s clothes, he can no longer be the same. A beautiful film about self-identity, loyalty and love with talented actor.

Gods of Egypt

Mythology is one of the most fertile sources for stories. This time, the film industry has touched on the Egyptian tales of antiquity. The story is about a thief who defies a god to save his love. Good cast, epic battles, extraordinary characters.


The movie raises the subject of pedophilia as an accusation against church officials. It is based on real events that provoke people not to keep silent but to fight for justice and not to hide the vilest manifestations of the society. Warned means armed. On the need for investigative journalism and how important conscience is in this case.

London Has Fallen

The prime minister of Great Britain dies under mysterious circumstances. At his funeral ceremony world leaders arrive and become hostages, because now they are threatened by an assassination attempt. The film stars Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhar and Morgan Freeman.

Hail, Caesar

Shiny and luxurious Hollywood! But what will a producer do when his leading actor disappears right off the set? Find him before the press do! The Coen Brothers comedy musical starring George Clooney is an unexpected and promising combination.

Wild Oats

But Insurance Youth is already a comedy starring Demi Moore, Jessica Lange and the incredible Shirley MacLaine. By mistake, an elderly lady receives a fabulous fortune instead of the usual amount of social assistance. Taking advantage of the situation, she embarks on the best trip of her life, which promises to be an incredible adventure.


Once again, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are together in a movie about letters. But unlike Letter to You, Ithaca is no romantic comedy. It’s based on World War II. The main character is a 14-year-old boy, lives in a small American town called Ithaca. His father died, and his older brother went to war, so he decides to become a breadwinner and take care of his mother and sister. The young man gets a job at the post office.


A young German couple finds themselves in the midst of a military coup in Chile. The young journalist is arrested and sent to the colony of Dignidad. It turns out to be a German settlement posing as a charitable society, but in fact it is practically a concentration camp. His girlfriend, a stewardess, is sent under the guise of a nun to follow her lover.

Eddie the Eagle

It’s always the first and last to remember, and losing can also lead to fame and success. Eddie the Eagle was last in every competition, but he remained optimistic. A positive story about a lucky loser with the wonderful Hugh Jackman in one of the leading roles.

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