10 korean web series to watch in 2021

Top 10 Korean Web Series to watch in 2021

Korean movies have a great fan base and considering all of them, we will be recommending some of the selected and best web series to watch online. Let’s have a look at the list without any spoiler.

Descendants of the Sun

This is one of the popular and loved action comedy series. The series has represented Korea very well. This series was also considered for a hike in tourism increase in Korea. The series revolves around the love story of a soldier and a doctor.

Both the lead characters face the dangers of war affected countries together. This is a heart touching romantic movie and we are pretty sure you will love it.

Kill Me Heal Me

It is a romantic Korean drama series. It shows a love story which involves a businessman who is suffering from mental disorder after some traumatic events of life. This results in seven different identities in one person. 

He seeks help from a psychiatrist but instead they both create a romantic angle to the story which adds up interesting things for the audience to find out.   

Partners for Justice

It is a mystery crime show which is considered amongst the best korean shows. If you are planning to watch Korean series for the first time then it is advised to begin with this one because of its simple yet interesting story.

The story revolves around a forensic doctor who is ill-mannered but perfect in his work. This doctor solves many critical mystery cases along with a prosecutor. If you prefer to watch crime thrillers then this series is just for you. It has two seasons.

The Emperor- Owner of the mask

This is a Historical Korean drama based on fiction. The story revolves around a crown prince in the 18th century who fights with a very powerful and wealthy organization for the sake of his kingdom. 

The story of this series makes it very powerful and must watch for korean web series lovers.

Witch at Court

It is a Korean legal drama series. This can be said to be a beyond imagination series as it shows the overused concept of legal drama with an interesting storyline. The plot follows a prosecutor who is master of her field. She is dedicated to dig deep for her various cases.

She is moved to special prosecutor team who deals only with sex crime which is turning point and makes series more interesting. The series has a total of 16 episodes. 

Boys Over Flowers

Boys over Flowers is an amazing romantic drama series released in 2009. The story revolves around a poor girl who gets admission in a high school in which only rich people get the admission. A member of F4 club bullies her and gradually begins to fall for her however the girl falls for another member of F4 club.

One needs to watch the movie to find out who the girl will choose and the way the story will be shaped.

Queen of Mystery

Queen of Mystery is a Korean drama mystery series. The story of this is very simple which follows a housewife who wants to become a detective. One day she meets a professional detective who offers her a chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a detective.

If you want to find out whether she could become a detective or not, then you need to watch this series. This has 2 seasons available today.

Doctor John

Doctor John is a Medical drama genre series which is an amazing story about two talented Doctors. These doctors tend to treat those patients who need to move on from their mysterious past and are affected by some mysterious pain.

The plot may look simple but its series is full of romance,drama and thriller. As of now, only one season is released which is available in English and Hindi. 

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a horror survival korean series which was released in Dec, 2020. This is a must watch for zombie and monster lovers. The best part of this series is the story background of every character and their survival struggle are very well presented.

The story is about a curse and a virus which leads to conversion of humans into zombies and monsters. Also, it’s about the survival of some people living in an apartment.

This series is available in English, Hindi and Korean language.

My Secret Terrius

This web series is a romance, comedy and a spy thriller. You will also find some of the action scenes in this series. The story revolves around a woman whose husband dies mysteriously. Thereafter, she meets a NIS agent to solve this mystery but gets to know about a huge conspiracy theory.

The strange thing about this movie is that it mentions Coronavirus even though this movie was released in 2018 with just one season as of now.

Final Words

Well these were few of the best korean web series. We hope there will be some of them that you have already watched and are already in love with. We will soon bring more information about the best of web series. 

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