Inspired by Norse mythology, A thunder god, with extraordinary pride, strength and skills which makes him best warriors. One of the most recognizable Marvel characters, the hero of comic book, transferred into the world of film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The role of Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth.

The character of Thor made its way into pop culture thanks to the comic book series created by Stan Lee , Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber. In the film version, Thor is sent to Earth by Odin because of his irresponsible behavior that poses a threat to Asgard.

He returned to favor only after he learned humanity lesson. He fell in love with Jane Foster, he helped her in saving her friends from the dangers sent by Loki. Returning to his world as a hero, he voluntarily traveled back to Earth to find Loki.

While searching for his brother, he joined the Avengers with whom he fight against the Chitauri during the Battle of New York. Later, while in Asgard, he helped restore order in the Nine Kingdoms, and by fighting against the dark elves, he defeated their leader, Malekith.

Eventually, Thor rejected his rightful place on the throne and decided to live with Jane on Earth, although even that time was not completely good he appeared in the Avengers to fight Hydra and Ultron, he was kidnapped and forced to fight in the arena of gladiators in the farthest corners of space, and finally together with Hulk and Loki he took part in the battle with Hela and that fight destroyed Asgard.

During the great battle with Thanos, with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he forged a new weapon the mighty Storm breaker ax.

In the MCU Thor is a noble warrior and a man of honor. He seems too arrogant and self confident at first, looking for a fight where he can show his strength and bravery.

List Of Thor Movies

  1. Thor (2011)
  2. Thor: The Dark World (2013)
  3. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Upcoming Thor Movies

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