These are 5 Best Drama movies to Stream Right Now

These are 5 Best Drama movies to Stream Right Now
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Silver Linings Playbook

(2012) Romance /Drama

Silver Linings Playbook stands out for the good roles played by the 2 main actors. Especially Jennifer Lawrence who received an Oscar for her performance. Robert De Niro’s rather good interpretation is also worth mentioning, compared to his recent acting performances. In the rest, we are dealing with a drama with comic accents that do not break the market due to the originality of the scenario but are worth seeing. Enjoy!

Wreck-It Ralph

(2012)Animation /Adventure /Comedy /Drama

Wreck-It Ralph is a successful animated film that is worth seeing for the originality of the idea, the interesting characters, and the well-constructed story. The Walt Disney production has a good chance of being liked both by the adults, who can awaken nostalgia for the arcade games of 20 years ago, as well as by the little ones, whom it will captivate with its action and heroes. In other words, a good movie for a relaxing family evening, also recommended by the Oscar nomination received in the “Best Animation” category. Enjoy!

The Sessions

(2012) Romance /Drama

Inspired by real events, The Sessions features Mark, a 38-year-old man who has been bedridden with polio since childhood. Although his body is paralyzed from the neck down and he is forced to spend a long time every day in a machine designed to keep him alive, Mark continues to look at life with optimism and to be as alive as possible in his experiences and feelings. Thus, when the opportunity arises to call on the services of a “sex surrogate woman” to discover the secrets of sexuality, Mark accepts. An emotional film, full of sensitivity with a strong message and good roles, among which the one played by Helen Hunt stands out. Enjoy!

Robot & Frank

(2012)Sci -Fi /Comedy/Drama

As we know from the title, the film has as its subject an unusual relationship between Frank and a robot received as a gift from his son. Although initially, Frank does not see the usefulness of the machine. Rather he considers it a kind of insult to his ability to take care of himself. Soon a real team will be formed between the two of them committed to great and not exactly legal deeds. A pleasant, emotional film that touches on sensitive subjects such as family relationships. The place of the suffering elderly in society, and the important role that robots can play in our lives in the future. Enjoy!


(2012) Horror /Family Drama

Directed by Tim Burton,  Frankenweenie tells the story of Victor Frankenstein. A smart but lonely boy whose only friend is Sparky, the dog. When he is hit by a car and dies. He decides to try an experiment that can bring him back to life but which creates chaos in the town of New Holland. Although I consider it better than ParaNorman. The black humor and the action with its horror component did not impress me and I would categorize the film as one more aimed at the adult audience. Enjoy!

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