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Seven Psychopaths

(2012) Comedy /Crime

The interesting title, the good cast, and the director with “background” made me think that I will see a good to a very good film. It wasn’t exactly like that. Seven Psychopaths is an atypical film, a black comedy with dubious characters and scripts in their attempt to aim for originality. If you like the cast, the promoted humor, and the weird style you won’t dislike it. You may find the story involving the seven psychopaths and the annoying Shih Tzu as nice. Enjoy!

Liberal Arts

(2012) comedy /Drama /Romance

More drama than comedy, Liberal Arts is an enjoyable film. Jesse Fisher is a guy in his 30s, not exactly happy with the course his life has taken and his achievements up to that point. An invitation from a former teacher to attend his retirement party gives Jesse the opportunity to meet Zibby, a young student. The way the relationship between the two evolves is interesting to watch and the differences in age, perspective and opinions generate special discussions and situations, some of which are not without certain humor. Enjoy!

Of Men and Snails

(2012) Comedy

The comedy About people and snails was a pleasant surprise. That’s because I admit, I didn’t have high expectations from him. The action takes place shortly after the fall of communism, the period recreated very well through inspired locations, costumes, and decorations. Humor, love, despair, and the bitter taste of the sale for two lei and the closing of a traditional factory are interwoven in a successful way in the film. The performances of the actors are to be praised, especially those of Dorel Visan and Andi Vasluianu. You can see the movie online on the Netflix platform. Enjoy!

Arthur Christmas

(2011) Family /Comedy

Because Christmas is approaching, Film Bun proposes Arthur Christmas. A film only good to see in this period with the whole family. A successful, seasonal animation, with nice, funny characters and a beautiful story that tries a rather original approach to the theme. I’ll let you discover if technology will help Santa to bring gifts to all the ordinary children who wrote to him. Enjoy!

The Magic of Belle Isle

(2012)Drama /Comedy

The presence of Morgan Freeman on the poster of a movie is a guarantee of quality. This premise is also confirmed by  The Magic of Belle Isle , the film in which the actor plays the role of a wheelchair-bound writer who seeks inspiration from the glory days in a small American town. The characters he meets here will rekindle his imagination and make him look at life in warmer colors. A story told with sensitivity and substance that will soften your soul. Enjoy!

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